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Paula Power is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Paula Page
Team Affiliations: Power Patrol; Power School
Status: Active
Location: Power City, Oregon, Earth-SW12 ("Earth-Power"), 2015
Favorite Music: oh, what's on the radio now?
Character Portrait


(Other Paula Pages have been observed in 1912, 1941, and 1987. This article covers the Paula Page who became known as Paula Power.)

Paula Page was born in 1939. In 1955 during high school, by way of a public exhibit, Paula was exposed to power approaching that of Powernauts. She was conveniently located to the young Powernaut of that era; she associated with him and occasionally accompanied him on his adventures.

By 1962, Paula had aged normally but the Powernaut had become a senior hero. Paula joined his mission team, the Power Patrol. She was a loyal and powerful member, especially during their mission to Mars. But that mission revealed alien travel within the Solar System - by means other than spacecraft.

After the Mars mission, the Power Patrol's science officer S.O.S. abandoned his space program; he threw himself into space portal research. He got no immediate results, so the rest of the Patrol fell away to more active pursuits. Even the Powernaut went on secret missions for some spy agency, and left Paula behind. Paula fell in with peace activists.

On one mission in 1966, the Powernaut disappeared. S.O.S. investigated, but not even he could find the full details until 1968. In that year he met with Paula and their colleague Stonewater Smith to tell them all he knew. But S.O.S. had turned to tracking a new Powernaut. Paula sensed he would be no help in old quests. So for one night she embraced Stonewater, who was similarly grieving the loss of his friend.

In 1969, Paula was abducted away from Earth, by a being who called himself the Hyper-Piper. He knew Paula was pregnant! He induced her delivery of a child - who resembled Stonewater! Stonewater had come to rescue her, and he met the child. Paula was so ashamed at abandoning the Powernaut, she refused to go back to Earth. She stayed in Hypergaard.

In 1985, Paula went with the forces of Hypergaard. Their mission was to stop a rogue planet from destroying the Master Pentahedron. They failed. But Paula's Powernaut was there! Paula agreed to join him inside the newly rebuilt Pentahedron. They spent decades there, until the events of 2011 released Powernauts and created a new world.

In the 2012 world of Powernauts, Paula is married to her Powernaut. She works alongside him to operate the Power School of Power City. The Powernaut is known as Principal Powernaut; Paula is called Math Teacher Powernaut. Other Powernauts (and their friends from throughout history) fill other teaching roles. Paula and the Powernaut have a teenage son in their school.


In some ways (especially popular culture), Paula is a slave of what other people think. She tends to associate with teams, or with causes. But she's intelligent, and well-educated with the best public education in the nation. She's adaptable enough to contribute to a mission team in any situation, from juvenile education to space exploration or even hand-to-hand combat.

Powers and Abilities

Paula Power accesses the same power the Powernaut has. She has never tried to approach the upper limits (or indeed the middle limits) of this power, except alongside her Powernaut. Still, she can fly and has several times human strength.

Due to her college education, Paula has above-average skill in mathematics and the English language. She is also fluent in French.


Short and childlike compared to her age, but still recognizably a woman.


  • Earliest Appearance: Powernaut 1955 (#1 as Paula Page, #5 as Paula Power)
  • First Published: 1955 as Paula Page, 1962 as Paula Power
  • Most Recent Publication and Latest Appearance: Power School 2013

Author's Notes

History is kind of fun if I pick any one character to recount it. Paula Power's history is even more fun than most.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 13 Feb 2016.

This entry and all characters within it are copyright © 2015 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.