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Scott D. Eiler, Senior Software Engineer

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Scott is currently available for work, in metro Seattle or remotely.


Scott is a well-qualified senior consultant, who has successfully implemented many major software projects worth millions of U.S. dollars in revenue.

  • Over 20 years of life-cycle software engineering experience
  • Most recent experience is in telephony and state-run public programs
  • Published author
  • Exceptionally well written with solid communication skills

Technical Summary


HP 9000/800; Sun Solaris; AIX; Intel

Operating Systems:

HP-UX; Linux; SunOS; Windows; OS/9 RT

Programming Languages:

ANSI C, C++; UNIX sh/csh; SQL, PL/SQL and DDL; HTML; PHP; Java, JavaScript, ASP; Perl; Fortran


Oracle; Access; Microsoft SQL Server; Sybase; Teradata; Informix

Application Development Tools:

Eclipse; Xwindows; Motif; Microsoft Visual Studio; Cold Fusion

Methodologies and Case Tools:

Software Through Pictures; System Architect (OMT/UML); Rational RequisitePro; Rational Rose; ERwin; Mercury TestDirector; Cold Fusion; TOAD; Teradata SQL Assistant

Web Servers:

Tomcat/Apache; IPlanet; Microsoft IIS

Other Software Used:

Microsoft Office; Visio; Reflection; Subversion; Citrix MetaFrame; Rational ClearCase; Lotus Notes; BEA Tuxedo; WebSphere; JDBC/ODBC; CORBA; FileNet; Doc2Help


Defense; Weather Radar; Healthcare; Telephone; Financial, Retail




Eiler Technical Enterprises, November 2001 - present. Operate a web site, and work for small and large business customers.

    • Web application developer for the Eiler Technical Enterprises web site. Programmed interactive pages in HTML, Java, JavaScript, XML/Ajax, and PHP. Configured Windows and Linux computers for use as development platforms.
    • Consultant for Creative Circle, Inc, May 2010. Diagnosed a poorly performing client web site, and provided analysis that led to its rehosting.
    • Instructor for the Palatine Park District, September 2006 - February 2007. The District holds classes in many topics, including computer operation.
    • Web site administrator for the Gagnon Consulting and The Computer Guy web sites, May 2005. Installed PHP Web scripting software and configured the mail and Apache web servers on a FreeBSD Linux web host.
    • Inventory specialist for Old Colony Stationary, May - June 2001. Configured workstations at numerous small business sites.
    • Configuration manager for the Bank of America, April 2001. Produced and delivered a report on software distribution practices.


REM Enterprise Solutions, February 2014 – December 2017, Bothell, WA. Contractor for the projects of AT&T Mobility.

    • Systems Engineer. Maintained, enhanced, and operated the web interface for a data warehousing system. Programmed with Apache, PHP, JavaScript, and Oracle. Used Eclipse and Subversion tools.   Operated that interface, and acted as its help desk.  Thereby interacted with any project manager in AT&T who needed to retire software.


Matrix Resources, August 2010 - August 2013, Bothell, WA. Contractor for the projects of AT&T Mobility, as for February 2014 – December 2017.


Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), February - April 2009, Nashville, TN. Contractor on a Medicaid automation project for the State of Tennessee.

    • Developer. Reviewed shell scripts and C-language source code, documented process flows and parameters, and programmed SQL queries in support of system test.


Electronic Data Systems (EDS), February 2007 - December 2008, Lansing, MI. Contractor on a Medicaid automation project for the State of Oregon.

    • Developer. Attended requirement sessions, produced design documents, implemented several data conversion routines in shell scripts / C / Perl / Oracle SQL, and supported the production system after final conversion. Provided substantial technical expertise in support of all parts of the data conversion team.


Home of the Sparrow, July 2006 - February 2007, Palatine, IL. Work for a charity which benefits homeless women and children.

    • Clerk. Duties included general management, equipment configuration, inventory control, and maintenance of computerized reports, using Microsoft Word/Excel, HTML forms, and JavaScript.


SBC / AT&T, June 2002 - May 2006, Hoffman Estates, IL. Contributed greatly to the stable operation of the order fulfillment and monitoring systems of a major phone company.

    • Database programmer for SBC's LD-STARS order fulfillment system and "Fraud Guard" detection system.
      • Programmed a high-volume transaction server and a high-volume monitoring system using C/C++, Tuxedo, HP-UNIX 11i shell scripts, and Oracle 9i PL/SQL and DDL including stored procedures, triggers, and scheduled jobs.
      • Performed data imports from Oracle and Teradata databases.
      • Tuned SQL queries using TOAD.
      • Hosted a project web server using IPlanet.
      • Configured applications using WebSphere.
      • Maintained design documents in a FileNet repository.
      • Programmed web pages in ColdFusion.
    • Programmer or the ACSS web interface project. Designed the Oracle database interface for a J2EE Websphere system.
    • Dispatch center specialist for the Ohio Network Dispatch Center. Operated dispatching software and provided telephone support to provisioning specialists.


Beechwood Data Systems Inc. (BDSI or Beechwood) / Cap Gemini Telecommunications , October 1996 - November 2001, Hudson, MA. Performed all aspects of software life-cycle engineering. Solely responsible for computer administration and installation of telephony products which resulted in millions of U.S. dollars of revenue.

    • Systems administrator, source control manager, and installer for all products produced by the office. Administered Windows and HP-UNIX computer systems and Rational ClearCase source control. Hosted project web servers using Tomcat/Apache and Microsoft IIS.
    • Requirements analyst, software developer, and database programmer for SBC (see above). Performed requirements and use case traceability with RequisitePro.
    • Requirements analyst, software developer, database programmer, and source control manager contributing to various client/server systems which generate and process telephone company service requests. Programmed an ordering system using Java (JDK 1.1), JDBC/ODBC, Tomcat/Apache, Sybase, C/C++, and CORBA; maintained an ordering system under AIX.


Systems Engineering and Analysis Corporation (SECOR), December 1994 - October 1996, Marlborough, MA. Programmed and managed telephony projects.

    • Project Manager and contributing software engineer responsible for the design and development of GTE's Traffic Sensitive Forecasting system, a user interface client/server/database application. Programmed in C and Oracle SQL languages.
    • Software Engineer responsible for porting a telephone voicemail system from HP-UNIX to Sun Solaris for Boston Technology. Programmed in C language.


Titan Corporation, July 1985 - December 1994, Westborough, MA. Performed all aspects of software life-cycle engineering, for major public projects which are still used today.

    • Software and Test Engineer for "Electronic Bonding", two Open Systems Interconnect (X.25)/Common Management Information Protocol (OSI/CMIP) Agent applications for GTE in C language.
    • Software and Test Engineer supporting the development of the Helios 810 Laser Imaging Printer for Polaroid in C language.
    • Software and Test Engineer for the porting and development of a suite of test support applications for the Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) system for Raytheon in C and FORTRAN languages.
    • Test Engineer responsible for the test and validation of the Weather Data Algorithm processing software of the Next Generation (NEXRAD) Weather Radar for Raytheon.   Also tested the Unisys implementation.
    • Systems Engineer for the Battle Manager/Command, Control, Communication (BM/C3) project for the Strategic Defense Initiative.


General Telephone and Electronic (GTE), July 1983 - July 1985, Westborough, MA. Specified requirements according to U.S. military standards.

    • Systems Engineer for the WWMCCS Information System (WIS) and the Peacekeeper Missile Airborne Launch Control System (ALCS).


B.S. (High Honors), Electrical Engineering and Systems Science, 1983, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI


  1. 25th International Conference on Radar Meteorology, June 1991: The TDWR Test Tools Library, S. Eiler, A. Bohne, C. Frans, J. Wieler.


  1. ClearCase Administration - NT, Rational Software, 2000.
  2. Cygent Certified Professional, Cygent, 2001.

Security Clearance:

  1. Secret (USA), 1983-1988.

Contact Information:

  1. Phone: 847-436-0124
  2. E-Mail: seiler@eilertech.com
  3. Web Site: www.eilertech.com
  4. Currently based in Bothell, Washington, USA