With the step (alternate, then alternate repeat):
  • Lunge (foot stays on step)
  • Lunge (foot stays on floor)
With the step: curb walk, three laps each leg
If students desire... Weights (16/8 reps, mix the exercises):
  • Squatting: Single arm lat raise / overhead press
  • Standing: Biceps / Overhead Press
  • Reclining: Lat Curl / Press
If students desire... Weights (16 reps):
  • Standing: Overhead Tricep
  • On Knees: Rowing
Laying on stomach (16 reps):
  • Raise forward arms
  • Alternate right arm, left leg with left arm, right leg
Abs (standard 16 reps, pulse 8 reps):
  • Forward
  • Left
  • Right