Resurrection Day at

The Cyber-Church of Jesus Christ Childfree

After the Cyber-Church of Jesus Christ Childfree observed Christmas Eve, we decided to always observe some holiday or season of the Christian church. Now we've made it past Ordinary Time, which is the church season between Christmastime and Lent.

Then Lent came. But we here at the Cyber-Church come from the full spectrum of Christian religious tradition. Some of us were raised Catholic, and are used to its Lenten customs. Others of us are practising Protestants, and still go to churches that have roast beef dinners two weeks before Easter. Our Cyber-Church respects both traditions, and has Lent on its calendar.

But now it's Resurrection Day, more commonly known as Easter. Resurrection Day is the one holiday that Christians really need to observe. If it weren't for this day, we wouldn't care about Christmas. And the Cyber-Church of Jesus Christ Childfree is no different from any other Christian church in this respect.

Here at the Cyber-Church, we have no reason to honor those fertility symbols that usually get associated with Easter. No bunnies. No eggs. No fake plastic grass in the Easter baskets. None of these things were important to Jesus of Nazareth, and they're not important to us. No Christian church needs this stuff. Parents in other churches may go home and entertain their children with it... but then, we're not parents, are we.

So, the Cyber-Church of Jesus Christ Childfree wishes its members and visitors a joyous Resurrection Day. Praise the name of the Risen One...


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