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link ('9sep2022.txt', "Queen Elizabeth, Colonialism, and the Domination of Eiler", '7 May 2022', "And social media, and history."); ?> link ('25may2022.txt', "Old Comic Book Plots No One Will Believe", '25 May 2022', "Avengers vs. X-Men was once a thing."); ?> link ('17may2022.txt', "Planned Parenthood Alongside the Domination of Eiler", '17 May 2022', "Kind of like Thanos and the rest of the world."); ?> link ('12dec2021.txt', "The Domination vs American House Pets", '12 Dec 2021', "We got the Domination of Eiler going about American house pets."); ?> link ('11dec2021.txt', "Domination of Eiler 2021", '11 Dec 2021', "The Domination of Eiler has been on the move, but now it's stationary. And still dominating."); ?> link ('7dec2021.txt', "The Dominator and the Prime Minion", '7 Jan 2022', "Kind of like Thanos and Gamora."); ?>
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