The Silliness Guide to Dallas, Texas

Prelude: How Dallas Earned Its Own Silly Web Page

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From correspondence, January 2000:

Right now I'm dining on the Cream of Yellow Pepper soup which precedes the Three-Pepper Tenderloin Filet at the Pegasus Room in downtown Dallas.

Downtown Dallas nightlife seems to be making a comeback. I'll have to update my travelogue, which mentions how life in Dallas at night is like life after the neutron bomb.

But when I do, the Pegasus Room deserves its own mention for silliness. This isn't a bad thing. They just opened; it's hard to be the pioneers of urban renewal. But still, they've more than earned whatever free web publicity I can offer.

So, it looks like the Pegasus Room puts Dallas over the top. Dallas now deserves its very own web page for silliness.

As for tomorrow, I think I shall go see Fantasia 2000. Oddly enough, it seems I have a choice of IMAX theatres to view it in. Then perhaps I shall go sit in the local arboretum. On Sunday perhaps I shall go visit one of the other fine recreational lakes near Dallas (if the lake hasn't dried up), then pay my respects at the Cowboy Church of Fort Worth, then go see the border collies on parade at the Stockyards. I must say, Texas still has something new for every visit. Though I might be hitting bottom one of these days...

Anyway, to answer your question, I've found fun stuff for my free time.

Here's hoping you can make it until the roads thaw out.


The Hitchhiker's Guide to Silliness in Dallas