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Links Page for Scott Eiler

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Well, this is my page full o' links. I keep it around for my own use, but you may like it too.

Here are some of my favorite bookmarks for my own benefit, so I can get useful stuff from any Web browser. But who knows, you may like them too.

Here's some other stuff I provide links to for my own occasional use, and as a public service in addition. Nobody can keep up with the Web, so these may be out of date. But the crowd once went wild for...


I now support the use of Google, which catalogues the entire Web whether or not you pay to have your web pages included. All search engines that make you pay for inclusion can bite me. (In case historians ever wonder how the word "google" entered the English language, I like to think my support helped.)

Stuff About Me

Name: Scott Eiler
Home: Yes!
Current Location: Bothell, Washington, USA
Birth Date: 3 May
Birth Year: Classified
Sex: That's a Personal Question
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Forevermore Single
Favorite Computer: Finally Surrendered to Windows, But Keeps Linux Handy
Religion: Most Any Protestant - Now Lutheran!
Hobbies That Have Gotten So Far Out of Control That I've Made Money At Them: Web Pages, Whittling, Fitness, Hanging Out at Thrift Stores
Other Hobbies: Bars, Comic Books, World Domination
Color of the Sky in My World:
Pantone Blue #640 with Black and White Checkers
Occupation: Anything for a Buck
Quote: God Help Us

Scott Eiler, Secret Master of Webitude
Yes, that's my real e-mail address, right here on the Web. And it isn't changing any time soon. If you're a real person and as smart as a lab mouse, you'll have no problem with my spam filter. If you're just a spammer and you somehow make it through anyway, then enjoy your very short and non-productive victory.
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