Page o' Icons

Here's my travelling collection of icon-sized bitmaps, accumulated since 1989 and entirely drawn by myself and other people I've worked with. Only the black and white ones are presented here, for compatibility with common Web browsers.

Some of these icons are clickable for download and public use. The others are handmade copies of trademarked work, provided for the authors' own individual use and enjoyment.

If you click for download and your web browser just displays the icon again, then select "Save As..." in your browser and make it save the file.

If none of the icons display, it's probably a browser issue. These are old formats, after all.

I feel I should point out that there are trademark holders of the original work for all the icons not marked for public use. These trademark holders will not approve of any means of taking the icon for your own use. In particular, you could use anonymous FTP to the site which you see for the downloadable icons, or you could retrieve these icons from your browser's cache, but that would not be approved. You would be in violation of copyright law if you dared to do this, even if it were for your own use. You would be prosecuted if you were caught and the copyright holder felt it worth their while. So there.

Abe Ace of Swords alban angels babymilk bandanab bandanal bart bat beavis berlin betty_de betty_fa bill blank bondage bugs bulb cake chaos chuck_de chuck_fa cigarett cock coffee console console2 console3 coors crimson daffy dark_sid devil dippy disc douglas earth eek eiler_de eiler_fa eiler_ta eiler_wa elvis enema flags flags2 fonebone fudgie garfield gumby hammer hand happybat hobbes huh judge judge_de kennedy kone_fac log m_buster m_death martian marvin mccabe_f mike_fac moosehea name note one opie2_fa opie_fac panic paul_fac penguin phone pig pil plaster preview_ ptm punk pyramid raybuste rocket ronhead santa schist scum_dea secor skull soup speed sporehea stamp stonehen stonewal stp2 stp3 super tdwr tdwr2 the_the the_wall thumb titan toaster tomb tommy too_cute tools_r_ tori trash trumpet tube_bel venom wall wall2 watch we_be wicker window wiremesh wyrm zero ziggy_di ziggy_su

If you wish to claim copyright to any of the downloadable work, kindly be prepared to provide evidence that you are or have been one of the following:

And have a niiiice daay.