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Powernaut 2014: 1 2.


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World Egg!


Hello, Readers!

After "Who Are the Powernauts?", the action wants to keep coming. So let's let it!

(signed) Scott Eiler, Publisher for Powernaut Comics, 2014.

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What Has Gone Before:

The Powernauts operate a Power School. Paulie Poderr studies there. He was preparing a webcast one afternoon, when Psychovant and the Doom Bear showed up expecting doom. Now it's a room full of Powernauts and supervillains, but no one has started fighting yet. And now a transmission has come in from a spaceship of Powernauts, about the state of the universe...


Syrup of the Gods That Doom Was Too Silly

Bonus Section: Paulie's ONLINE Pen Pals!

Kwame Cannon

Seriously, the Doom Bear came back from the dead to watch a giant space waffle drip on the Moon? How did you even learn this?

Paulie Poderr

Our teachers Vara Hosea and Lucianus Autonomus are actually the world's most powerful mages. They sensed that some sort of enchanted foodstuff drove that episode - and that some "Waffle Queen" was involved. It's as though our universe had merged with one or two others, right down to the character level. Our Professor Powernaut agrees with that assessment; he got visions of that other universe also, alongside Psychovant and the Doom Bear. All three of them were merged with people and creatures from other realities. And they all helped reverse it.

"Bear" in mind, the Doom Bear stayed after the "Wafflepocalypse" was over. It's as if that wasn't really what he and Psychovant were coming to see. Even Psychovant was surprised when this "silly doom" happened. They were focused on some other doom for the Earth - as we soon would be.

Only That Way


Yes, Dear

Hypno_Buffaloes Your Logic Defeats Me

Uh, Paul?

Humans Always Have a Choice!

She Doesn't Understand You

We Don't Eat Bugs

Maybe We Should Let Them Decide

... We Hope

And This One Shall Represent You

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Wikis! Hmpf-Na'al





Psychovant Taught American History!

Author's Notes:

This series has been delayed, because I waited to work on it until I'd cleared questions for Part 1. In the meantime, I worked on the 1989 series. It's far enough along, that I'm previewing its first six issues now! But then 2014 Part 1 ended with such a cliffhanger, that it would not be my first choice to make people wait four months for the next installment. So, let's get it going in just two months, and hope for the best.

... The best has happened. I have sequestered myself in a remote location, with just two pubs to walk to (if I count Applebees) and draw comics, and denied myself television. So I work on Powernaut Comics to amuse myself every night. I have nine strips saved up now, ready for coloring. I should have another ready soon. That puts the series through 2014 #20. It's slated for #24. So it should be safe to proceed.

(Update: It was safe to proceed. Indeed, I put out two strips a week for seven weeks.)

(signed) Scott Eiler, 23 September 2019.

Epilogue: During another of those two-month hiatuses, Psychovant carried the Powernaut pages on social media - by carrying out his threat to teach American history. I'm rushing an Epilogue strip into production to mark the end of Psychovant's curriculum, and hopefully the end of the hiatus. Maybe the next series will just go one issue at a time, though.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 25 February 2020.

Epilogue: On review, I consider this series the best I have ever done.

  • It has the best artistic resolution. I could tell a story about Powernaut 2005 comics and wireless reception at the bottom of a district known as Canyon Park... That determined the resolution of Powernaut 1941, 2005, and surrounding comics. But those days are past.
  • It acts as a conclusion to a trilogy of Powernaut comics, 2012-2014. The reason for Psychovant and the Doom Bear in these stories is revealed, as is the purpose for the Hypno-Buffaloes. Even I did not see that coming.
  • It has as much collaboration among fellow writers as I've ever gotten to happen. The "Wafflepocalypse" might be the single best strip I've ever done.
  • And I'd gotten heroes and villains to stuff themselves in a room to watch it all.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 25 September 2021.

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Powernaut 2014: 1 2.

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