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Doctor Lithium is a hero (or maybe anti-hero) created by Doug Robinson.
Alter Ego: Joseph Robert Carswell
Aliases: Joe-Bob Carswell
Team Affiliations: Total Conversion (1990s), Power School (2013 - present)
Status: Active
Location: Power School, Power City, Earth-SW12 (Earth-Power)
Favorite Music: Alternative rock of the 1990s
Character Portrait


Joseph Robert (Joe-Bob) Carswell comes from the state of Delaware. He has had minor flame powers, as long as he's known. He's felt those should give him some claim to political power. So he ran (as an independent candidate) for the office of U.S. President in 1992. He started early, in 1991; he toured Iowa.

In 1992, he came under the attention of the Total Conversion Foundation. They diverted him from his basically hopeless political campaign, and convinced him to work amongside superhumans such as himself. "Such as himself" was what convinced him... Joe-Bob was curious about other superhumans. So he joined them, as Doctor Lithium.

Doctor Lithium would shortly get his fill of superhuman adventure. He would resign, and marry a widow of an affluent dentist. Yet he would be drawn eventually back into superhuman life. This would climax in 2004, when Doctor Lithium suspected the Governor of South Carolina to be Adolf Hitler reincarnate - and assassinated him. Doctor Lithium was actually correct, but that was beside the point. Led by Ellipsis, the superhuman community exiled Doctor Lithium to the Dreamtime. He returned only in 2011, when Wyatt Ferguson brought him out by accident. He quickly got drawn into the final adventure of a Powernaut on his Earth of origin. Doctor Lithium followed that Powernaut to a new Earth, and found gainful employment as a substitute teacher in Power School. He's been a trustworthy ally to Powernauts, since he's been taking his meds regularly.


Joseph (Joe-Bob) is radically independent, but has a strong sense of justice. He is subject to wild mood swings. Usually he keeps these under control with medication.

Powers and Abilities

Joseph (Joe-Bob) can spout flame. He has done this across dimensions, where he has sensed a need. So, his maximum limit has not yet been measured - because no one wants to know. So he sometimes considers himself a god of flame. Fortunately, none of his friends take him seriously - even when he's right.


Joe-Bob is a regular human male, usually disheveled.


Character Design

Author's Notes

Excuse me, I just found that one of my friends was dead. He created Doctor Lithium for my original superhero campaign. I gave him a Doctor Lithium t-shirt to commemorate it. But his greatest accomplishmment in life was to move around on a sailboat with his wife. Doctor Lithium, sail free... Doug Robinson, sail free.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 2 April 2019.

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