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Urr is a villain created by Scott Eiler.
Team Affiliations: A bunch of alien renegades who follow him around
Status: Dead since 1999; briefly zombified in 2004
Location: Inactive in a cavern in Nevada, Earth-SW10
Favorite Music: Considers a solar wind to be musical
Character Portrait


Urr is an alien reaver who once or twice obtained control of seven magic gems. These are known by many names among many universes, but often known as Engines of Reality. In 1991 when he first did this, Ellipsis went with aliens into space and stopped him. So Urr tried again in 1999. That second time, it took all of Earth to prevail. Urr was attacked by all of Earth's population, led by two Champions of Death - including Wyatt Ferguson who by that time was immune to the magic gems. Urr died, and aliens removed his gems from him. He was interred on Earth.

In 2004, the Earthly djinn Vesper raised Urr. Wyatt Ferguson confronted this zombie-Urr. With the proper tone of command-voice, Wyatt prevailed. Though the djinn Vesper has been active as recently as 2006, he has not tried to re-animate Urr.


If Urr has a lot of personality, this is mostly unrevealed. By the standards of his race, he is mostly an idiot-savant who's too good at acquiring power.

Powers and Abilities

Urr is a sympathetic recipient to the Engines of Reality. Those magic gems allow him to control seven separate aspects of reality. Urr's mind limited itself to creating cosmic events (like blacking out Earth's Sun) and controlling great power.


In his normal form, Urr is a slightly smaller than average specimen of his alien race. He is still large by human standards, though; he's about 20 feet tall.


Author's Notes

I have long acknowedged a need for this entry. I stubbed it out until I could get to it. But now I'm doing a new Powernaut intro series which includes Urr's history. So his time has come.

I considered making Urr's skin color orange, as befits an idiot-savant destroyer. I decided, that wouldn't be alien enough for this story. Besides, orange gets confused for fire-creatures in a lot of Powernaut art.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 29 March 2019.

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