Page Full 'o Funny Text Files

Here's a bunch of text files I've snagged over the years. These are each copyright by their original authors, whoever they may be.

From E-Mail

chili.txt - The difference between Texas cuisine and Michigan cuisine.

GM.txt - What if GM were like Microsoft?.

guyness.txt - Take this quiz to determine how much of a man you are.

secret.txt - The top 10 things a man should never say in a Victoria's Secret store.

software.txt - If architects had to work like programmers...

stewart.txt - Martha Stewart's tips for holiday decorations.

terms.txt - If rednecks had to use programming terms...

villain.txt - List of things a villain should learn not to do.  And there's so many of them.

xfiles.txt - X-Mas with the X-Files.

From the Web

disney.txt - The top 10 Disney shows put on in Times Square.  From Late Night with David Letterman.

cute.txt - Cute children harnessed for evil.  From The Onion.

From Usenet

books.txt - Children's books you'll never see.

keebler.txt - The top 10 Keebler Elf euphemisms for death.

teletubby.txt - An explanation of why Teletubbies are evil.

One Other

Meeting.txt - This file was generated by Tarot-casting software, on the day of a company meeting.  It's been as accurate a predictor of performance as anything else the meeting produced.