Cover Letter for Scott Eiler
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Scott D. Eiler, Senior Software Engineer / Database Administrator / System Administrator

Scott Eiler is a senior software engineer, specializing in client-server software development and deployment involving databases. He has been a critical resource on several projects; millions of U.S. dollars in revenue have depended upon the successful deployments which Scott has performed.

Scott has twenty years of professional experience in systems and software engineering. His experience includes software systems requirements definition, software design, development, maintenance, testing, and field support. He has administered UNIX and Linux servers, Windows 95, NT and 2000 workstations, databases, and source control systems. He has served as a configuration control manager for several projects, with extensive experience in base SCCS and in Rational ClearCase. He has installed systems at customer sites, and acquired such a reputation for excellence that the customers invite him back as a contractor or employee.

Scott is available for positions involving any combination of programming, systems administration, and database administration. His broad-based experience makes him an ideal resource for small companies, and useful within large companies for interdisciplinary work.

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