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Eiler Technical Enterprises Rate Schedule

Rates are negotiable based on unreimbursed expenses and travel time from Palatine, Illinois. Exact rates will be quoted upon my first visit to your facility, which I will make at no hourly cost (though travel expenses may apply) as part of the interview process.

Example per-hour rates:

Eiler Technical Enterprises seeks contract jobs only. Permanent employment status is negotiable, based upon willingness of the customer to give a good working environment, provide benefits, and firmly agree upon hours of the working day. Requested starting salary is $85,000 per year, but may be adjusted to reflect cost of living outside metro Chicago.

Relocation is negotiable, based upon length of employment commitment. For permanent employment, employer is expected to cover relocation expenses. Permanent employment without relocation will be considered for employers within 0.5 hours of headquarters.

Fixed-price contracts are negotiable, based upon willingness of the customer to specify and agree upon requirements before the price is set.