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A Week in the Domination of Eiler, 2007 - 2008

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The Domination of Eiler has considered writing a web log, because for some reason unknown to the Domination, people read web logs. However, the regular operations of the Domination can be summed up in one simple web page, thus making an ongoing web log irrelevant (for the most part).

The Core Territories of Michigan

The Domination of Eiler has now established Core Territories in Lansing-Michigan. Domination operations in the new Core Territories are falling into a regular pattern as follows.


Awaken around 7:45 am. Listen to news broadcasts on AM radio, while watching news broadcasts on local TV.

After a cleansing ritual, deploy straight to work, on bicycle (1 mile, whoopee) if weather permits. The Domination Guard engineering force hires itself out as a mercenary for its new corporate patron, the Earth Domination Society.

Long-term EilerBase has been established in South Lansing, in a series of chambers each referred to as the "Hibernaculum".

Monday night is good for dining out, typically in the middle of a bike trip to East Lansing to a brewpub which provides a take-home beer ration for the week. On this and other nights out, work typically done on the Domination's real-blog or fiction-blog there, thanks to portable computing equipment.

After that, the chamber is good for reading a book, then 9 to 11 hours repose in bed. Sadly, the Dominator typically does not sleep through the night, but he makes up for that with extra time trying to.


Morning and midday deployment as for Monday.

Evening usually involves structured exercise. After work, a venue "Go Workout" has been found for structured aerobic exercise. It's so fancy, it has a TV on every treadmill. But Domination of Eiler practice is to go inside the aerobics room and watch the class leader instead.

And then, pretzels or microwave food, and maybe reading a book. More reading nowadays.


Morning and midday deployment as for Monday.

When fall comes, Wednesday will be choir practice. So, best get in the habit of not exercising on Wednesdays.

Besides, sometimes at the exercise venue, the best offering for structured exercise is a simulated bike ride. So when summer is here and the sun sets at 9 pm or after, will sometimes ride the bike anywhere in metro Lansing for dinner. However, may instead go home and do chores, because that's about the only free time.


Deployment as for Monday, usually including structured exercise.


Morning deployment as for Monday. Lunchtime used to be pizza with new coalition partners in the team bullpen, that being the local ritual. There, good gossip about the out-of-town workers was obtained. But largely the fellow workers skip the office every chance they get, so group dining is contraindicated.

Dinner is typically at the Hibernaculum, with laundry and extended evening cyber-activities following. When normal people come out to mob the restaurants, the Domination does its best to clear the way.


Morning of rest. Though increasingly, the Domination forces make it out for structured exercise, now available on Saturdays starting as late as noon. This may of course be preempted for a bike ride.

Afternoon is spent eating the Breakfast of Champions, which is to say, foodstuff and alcohol ration consumed on a barstool. When possible, this is combined with extending the boundaries of the Core Territories of Michigan by bicycle. Back at the Hibernaculum, naptime may follow.

Evening may involve supervising the waitstaff at any of several South Lansing providers, because this is what the Dominator likes to do while normal people go have a life.


Morning deployment for weekly Kingdom-of-Heaven obeisance. It took some time to choose the optimal location for these exercises.

Midday mess hall and alcohol ration at South-Lansing provider, typically any of several pizza places where two or three days of lunch rations are obtained. Work often done on the Domination's fiction-blog, though may also write e-mail.

Afternoon typically spent in cyber-Domination exercises including cyber-Kingdom-of-Heaven obeisance. Extended sleep time typically observed in evening, because another big week of Domination begins the next morning.


  1. Weather conditions in the Domination's new Core Territories are moderately rainy but heavily cloudy in a manner that often turns to rain. This sometimes makes bicycling chancy. Someday, the Domination Guard will toughen up to the same extent that real hardcore Michiganders do, but that hasn't quite happened yet.