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Contents: Lame Attempt At Revenue My Real Life My Fantasy Life Other People's Lives .

Well, this is my home page. It can lead you to these parts of my real exciting life.

The Lame Attempt At Revenue. There's:

Scott and the Children of Brazil
My Real Life. There's:

Powernaut! Superhuman World 2011

My Fantasy Life. That would be:

Other People's Lives. Amazing as it seems, my world is not all about me, me, me.

Stuff About Me

Name: Scott Eiler
Home: Yes!
Current Location: Near Seattle, Washington, USA
Birth Date: 3 May
Birth Year: Classified
Sex: That's a Personal Question
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Forevermore Single
Favorite Computer: Surrendered to Windows, And the Old Linux Computer Finally Died
Religion: Most Any Protestant - Still Lutheran!
Hobbies That Have Gotten So Far Out of Control That I've Made Money At Them: Web Pages, Whittling, Fitness, Hanging Out at Thrift Stores
Other Hobbies: Bars, Comic Books, World Domination
Color of the Sky in My World:
Pantone Blue #640 with Black and White Checkers
Occupation: Anything for a Buck
Quote: God Help Us

Scott Eiler, Secret Master of Webitude
email seiler@eilertech.com
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