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Superhuman World 2009 is a work of fiction. The characters herein and the commentary about them should not be considered "real".


Vojvodina vs. the World

July 2009


International affairs are different in any world which has weird technology. Iran does not necessarily top the Rogue Nations list in this world. We find out why, when history starts changing.

It seems another part of Yugoslavia wants to secede. They just might take on the world to do it - and win. Vampires might have to intervene, but they have their own concerns... Isn't a Superhuman World fun?

(signed) Wyatt Ferguson.

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Prelude: The Vampire Madonna. Commentator: Bruce Klybourn for the World Journal Monthly.

July 25, 2009     See Our Other Issues!
A Vampire Queen Gives Birth!
Vampires "reproduce" by "adopting" humans. Vampire lore doesn't mention sexual reproduction.

The vampire Khrisa Stalker was in a hotel room on Key West to meet a journalist. But she nearly met the True Death instead.

The entire vampire race was celebrating. For the first time ever, a vampire would give birth! The Vampire Rose was pregnant by Leo the Pirate Vampire King of the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu. (See Related Story)

The vampire queen's superhuman consort had superhuman healing powers. So did his sperm. So he'd given her the human power of reproduction! Her birth date was near. All vampires everywhere would go there in person to see it if they could. Khrisa would escort a human witness to the ceremony.

Khrisa had a gift for her queen: monomolecular floss. This thin and deadly string would be used to defend both vampires and humans on Tuvalu. She had it safely coiled in a corner of her room.

Khrisa opened the door for her journalist. He lunged at her with a wooden stake. He meant to kill her!

Khrisa's enhanced senses told her, this was no journalist. He was a superhuman mercenary! He was silent as he attacked. The vampire knew the superhuman meant to destroy her - and probably her queen and her whole race. And he was fast enough to tag her with the spike. Khrisa knew, that was probably the end.

Khrisa Stalker came to consciousness in the same hotel room. The mercenary wasn't there, but a giant koala was! And the walls were covered with red gore.

As a vampire, Khrisa knew about the Doom Creatures. There was one for every continent. The Doom Creature for Australia was a giant koala, known for speed! This left Khrisa with questions. But the Koala spoke first, in English. He was Australian, after all... "That's the Hard Falcon on the walls. I borrowed your floss to handle him."

Sniff, sniff, and to Khrisa's surprise... "He smells like he's still alive!"

"Yah. Got way too much healing factor, so he'll get better. But you'll be gone by then."

"I still have to wait for someone..."

"I saw some reporter running away. He should come back after I stop scaring him off."

"No, I was waiting for a U.S. envoy... But why are you here? This isn't doom, and this isn't Australia!"

"You're going near Australia now, yah? I watch for doom, and you're the best place to look."

So Khrisa's mission was still on. The vampires would have their human witness for the ceremony. And through that witness, the world would know that vampires loved their children too.

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Vojvodina vs. the World. Commentator: Wyatt Ferguson.

There's a battlefield in Wyman, Indiana near Lake Michigan. George Washington made his last stand here, after an Austrian nobleman invaded in 1789! Lincoln's ancestors fought in this battle. (25 Jul)

  • ... But there is no Wyman, Indiana! I'd have found it by now if it were there. The historical plaque I saw said, the city was named after George Washington's lieutenant general, who surrendered to the Austrian forces after Washington died in final battle.
  • It seems someone's messing with time again. So far, only history books and historical plaques have changed. I saw the change in Indiana. The United States started as a monarchy! Only in 1861 did the North rebel. They re-united the country in 1865 under a republic... Ho hum, there goes our Civil War history again.
  • I've found, messing with history usually doesn't change the present. But this change seems intended to lead to an Austrian world empire - which is much less ludicrous than it sounds. For one thing, some people alive last year can remember when Austria had a navy. For another thing, Napoleon spent at least half his time fighting Austria.

Governor Corrigan of California led the world's response the last time something like this happened. I helped him. Now he's Vice-President Corrigan, and he remembers me. So I find out about more changes to history.

  • Balkan bat-warriors capable of self-powered flight fought in World War 1. They got captured, paroled, regrouped according to marks on their elbows, dodged a tornado, and did electrical repairs. (27 Jul)
  • These warriors came from Vojvodina. It was owned by Austria, about half-populated by Serbs ("Vojvodina" = "Duchy" in Serbo-Croatian, and "Vojvodar" = "Duke"), and on the frontlines for about three years. Their loyalties were kind of mixed, so they fought as mercenaries for each side in turn. They didn't exactly change history, but they got Vovjodina some notoriety.
  • History says they just had glider wings or something, but those poor Balkan people were so superstitious they thought it was bat-warriors. Still, every superstition has a basis in fact, doesn't it.

Once I join the discussion, I share how Vojvodina is now home to dream-warriors, ever since the "Fantasy War" incident of last year. These warriors have been expelled from the realm of dreams, but they may have mystic artifacts greater than the rest of Earth combined. The one I'm most worried about is the Siege Perilous, which has sent me through history more than once.

When I worked with Governor Corrigan, he was prepared for weird stuff. Vice-President Corrigan is no less so. He's come up with a mutual defense treaty with Tuvalu - the home of Leo the Pirate Vampire King! Why not use vampires to oppose a suspected home of mystic bat-warriors?

So, I get to represent the United States in Tuvalu at the birthing ceremony of its vampire queen. I get there as the passenger on America's fastest two-seater fighter jet, so as to get there the night after I saw Wyman, Indiana. Crusher Joe is very practical when it comes to transportation for his envoys.

Shortly, I'm sneaking into a Balkan cave sanctum with four vampires. I'm the one who's seen the Siege Perilous, so I'm their contact. (27 Jul)

The Siege Perilous is both a seat ("Seat of Peril") and a portal. That is to say, it looks like a toilet seat! And that arena over there looks suspiciously like a toilet seat too... But suddenly the seat forms around our feet!

Next thing I know, I'm taking a tour of a Canadian skyscraper. It's mostly just an elevator ride, plus lunch at the top. The leader of my vampire team (he calls himself "Enigma") is describing why he couldn't make his minions blend in against telepathic scrutiny. ... Hmm, we've been portalled, haven't we. (30 Jul)

But when I report home, I find... Vojvodina has disappeared! Their mystic portal has wiped their people off the map, and no one knows why. It's as if they moved themselves. They've already fought the rest of Earth, and won. I wonder what they're fleeing?

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Bruce Klybourn and the Doom Koala of Speed are characters created by Vaughn Gross. Leo was created by Ray Conrad. All other characters in this fiction and the phrase "Superhuman World 2009" are copyright © 2009 by Eiler Technical Enterprises. The map of the Superhuman World is based on one from Henry Bottomley's map software which is well worth a visit.