Eiler Technical Enterprises Logo.  Most of the difference is Eiler. The Domination of Eiler Battle Flag.  Eilertech managed to dress up as the Domination of Eiler for this year's Christmas festivities.  The Domination isn't just for Halloween any more!

Xmas 2005 at Eiler Technical Enterprises

Pictures by Scott Eiler and Sureshkumar Arumugam

Eiler Technical Enterprises did not intend to make a big deal of the December holidays this year. But, as sometimes happens, things got out of Eiler control.

Part I: Some Big Company: Talent Show

Some Big Company has its December holiday party at lunchtime. The employees pay for their party lunches. We all (management included) miss those good old days, when the company could afford the party itself, and the party was after work when people could really party.

Still, this year's party was a big deal, because the management wanted a Talent Show. Quite a few people put quite a lot of personal rehearsal into this.

And Eilertech arranged for photos of the whole performance. Some of the Eilertech photos may be the same as other photos taken there and disseminated through corporate channels. But some may be better, just by random chance. So, Eiler Technical Enterprises is making its photographs of this occasion available.

The Photographer

Scott was busy for most of the festivities. He therefore enlisted Sureshkumar Arumugam (pictured here) as the photographer for all the other pictures at the Some Big Company party. Thanks, Suresh!

Scott Poses

Scott was busy because he was performing. This being an Xmas party, Scott dressed up as Santa. And, of course, real Santa doesn't need a fake beard.

Scott Sits

But for a while, Scott got to sit in the audience.


First performance: management as Cinderella and crew. Unfortunately, the photograph can't show who the ugly stepsisters are, just because the talent show had no costume budget. The audience found out from the dialogue.

Prince Charming

An ugly stepsister is pictured at left, Prince Charming at center. Can you tell the difference?

A Real Band!

The management talent-sponsor (here pictured at the microphone, singing a Ramones song) found a real band for backup, with one real musician and everything!

Hey, Joe

Other acts had to make do with untrained but valiant talent. Joe (here pictured singing "Blue Christmas") carried two acts.

Renee the Floutist

Renee contributed her flute talent to "Blue Christmas". Before today, "Blue Christmas" may not have had a flute part.

Scott the Harmonicaist

Not to be outdone, Scott made up a harmonica part for a phone-company version of "Jingle Bells". Before yesterday, Scott couldn't play harmonica. Hey, it beats singing in a talent show.

Scott and Antlers

Scott got bribed onto the performance team for "Jingle Bells" by a promise of antler headgear. Sadly, Mitch (here pictured) went away with the antlers.

Jingle Bells Chorus

What "Jingle Bells" lacked in experience, it made up for in chorus. And headgear.

Jingle Bills A-V Aids

... And in audio-visual aids, which Scott helped program.


Vi contributed some modern seasonal Jesus-honoring music. Not pictured: By then, for benefit of the multi-cultural audience, Scott had reprogrammed the video to say "Ho Ho Ho".


Part of the audience.

Audience 2

Another part of the audience.

Video Tweaking

For Scott's act, some video tweaking was needed.


The show was so desperate for talent, they let Scott dress up as World Domination Santa, and lead a crowd in the Domination of Eiler national anthem! Conveniently to the tune of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". Joe, recruited as Santa's Helper, stood ready to hold the flag.

Wave the Flag

Santa's Helper waved the flag (variant version with at+t logo) proudly, while Santa (not pictured) moved through the crowd in an inspirational manner.

Sing, Matt

Matt (a.k.a. "Mister Fun Committee") sang. "A" for effort!

Elizabeth cleaned up after all of us, with a good old fashioned Christmas carol.

Part II: Eilertech and Allies: Scary Santa II

Eiler Technical Enterprises often goes out for Thursday night beverages with whoever is interested. On Friday nights, oddly enough, people usually have their own plans. Especially at Xmastime.

Last year, Eilertech had a Scary Santa party on a Friday night. Ten people attended. Not bad, but not Halloween-class for Eilertech. So, Scary Santa came on Thursday night this year, without a lot of publicity. Nine people attended. Still not Halloween-class, but pretty good for a Thursday night.

Scary Santa didn't dress up as the Punisher this year. But it was scary enough when the Santa hat got passed around. Throw in a camera, and it seems that Scary Santa's engineer friends are as easy to entertain as Brazilian schoolchildren are.

Scary Maotze

Scary Maotze Santa.

Spiky Maotze

Scary Spiky Maotze Santa. Mikhail's helping with the spikiness.

Scary Yelena

Scary Yelena Santa. Jerome's helping with the amusement factor.

Scary Max

Scary Max Santa. Sorry, Max, everyone's ignoring your Scary Santa.

Scary Mikhail

Scary Mikhail Santa. Yelena and Maotze are helping the camera not break.

Scary Jerome

Scary Jerome Santa.

Scary Rayal

Scary Rayal Santa. Yelena is amused.

Scary Suresh

Scary Suresh Santa, eating the last chicken wing from the plate. It is believed that the last chicken wing makes any engineer strong. Inna (pictured here), unlike other engineers, is not enticed by the last chicken wing, or easily amused by the Scary Santa hat.

Scary Scott

Scary Scott Santa. Inna's amused now, even if it doesn't really look that way.

Fun and Games

As the Santa hat made its second lap around the table, bar games ensued.


It was Beer by the Bucket night at the party venue! Fortunately it was Miller Lite, so it doesn't so greatly matter how much the veteran drinkers drink.


Suresh and Scott. Scary even without Santa hats.

Dance, Rayal

The venue had lots of pulsing music, which just made some people wanna dance. With the Santa hat thrown in, that's just scary.

Dance, Scott

And so, Scary Santa fulfilled his mission of scariness at the Scary Santa party.