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I, Scott Eiler, am Eiler Technical Enterprises in its entirety. I am an individual proprietorship. I am available to support any software life-cycle project.

I am part of Eilertech... but by my definition, all of tech is Eilertech, as long as I have helped make it possible for use by anyone. I've made lots of tech usable, and I can do it for you.

What can Eilertech do for you? Basically, everything.

  • If you're in a large company that needs help in any single field of technology, Eilertech is for you. My skills are current in HTML, PHP web site programming, and PL/SQL.
  • If you're in a company that might need help in more than one thing, without hiring more than one person, Eilertech is especially for you. I've served as C++ and SQL programmer, database administrator, UNIX and Windows administrator, and build manager... all at the same time.

Too many employers want an expert in just one thing. Like hacking out C/C++ code, or SQL. If that's what you truly want, I have over twenty years of experience in these technologies. But in any real engineering environment, that's never quite enough - because someone has to put these things together, and then test them. And when they do test, someone has to decide what they test to.

That is where Eilertech truly comes in. I, Scott Eiler, have two decades of experience in all aspects of software life-cycle engineering. I am a senior resource for these things. That is the heart of Eilertech.

  • Three years as software requirements specialist.
  • Five years as test engineer.
  • Over twenty years as software engineer - including source control, build mastery, and database programming.
  • In Eilertech experience, these jobs are hard to separate.

Yes, you could hire some drone who treats the other departments as enemies. Or you could hire me, Scott Eiler, who's worked for each of your departments already.

As you should expect from a senior resource ... Eilertech has engineered in projects that all of North America will recognize. For instance:

  • The Airborne Operational Launch project, for the U.S. Air Force. If the United States of America homeland is ever attacked and has to launch the missiles, Eilertech is there.
  • Nationwide weather radars, the NEXRAD project. If you ever see weather radars on television today, Eilertech is there.
  • Nationwide Toll Free Numbers. If you ever call 1-800-something to reach a customer of the continent's largest phone company, Eilertech is there.

You could hire some novice who knows nothing of delivering a major project... or you could hire me. Eilertech.

Eilertech is more than just me. Eilertech is the ability to sit in a hotel room and edit your resume - and then send that resume to the world before going home. In short, Eilertech is tech itself. And many things other than plain old tech.

Industry leadership requires many things. Requirements management. Design documentation. Unit testing. Source control. Integration testing. Release engineering. System testing. Installation. Telephone support. Buying the donuts for the meetings. Eiler Technical Enterprises has provided tech in each of these fields.

What it takes for leadership holds true, whatever the industry. Telephony. Medical imaging. Weather radar. Ballistic missiles. Eiler Technical Enterprises has the experience in all these, and more. Indeed, it doesn't just access resources, it is a resource. That's one more way Eilertech is tech for everything.

Technical leadership doesn't end at the workplace. It goes everywhere computers go... and computers go everywhere now. Eiler Technical Enterprises uses them for the fitness industry and to help sell hiking sticks. That's one more way Eilertech is tech for everything.

Eiler Technical Enterprises has also assisted in web hosting for the Frequently Asked Questions lists of select Usenet newsgroups which address social concerns. Tech for everything.

Eiler Technical Enterprises is an individual proprietorship, available for contract or long-term jobs. Let Eilertech help your business.

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