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Nevada Power and Light is not just a company, it's a collection of heroes.


of power and light

in their own words

captain mighty


"Power of... a mighty American power company!"

Captain Mighty is the living symbol of Nevada Power & Light's determination to keep pumping out power and light, despite whatever the elements may throw against us.
Stephen Wolcott is famous for his role as the superhuman Ellipsis.  But he's also one of the many scientists who bring forethought for the future to Nevada Power & Light.

stephen wolcott


"These people show a great willingness to support the unusual when it works."

wyatt ferguson


"I do work, I have fun, I get paid. What more is there?"

Dammit, now's my chance! Click here for my REAL message.
The famous All-Girl Racing Team symbolizes the fast-moving efforts of Nevada Power and Light to keep up with your power needs.  And they show our commitment to equal opportunity.

roxanne scott


"They give me world class support, so I can show I'm a world class driver."

nevada power and light sadly regrets the natural death of the driver Roxanne Scott. Our partnership is concluded.


power & light

We're American and unusual. We work and have fun. We're world class. And every one of us is a hero.

When you need power or light, Nevada Power and Light will be there for you.

Hey Kids! Join Captain Mighty's League of Mighty Friends!

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