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Minions of Eiler Unite!

Heraldry of the Domination of Eiler

Like any governmental entity, the Domination of Eiler has its own flag. The Domination Flag is designed to be both powerful and friendly, like the Domination itself.

The Domination of Eiler flag is sometimes represented as the "Hug the Earth Flag", for the benefit of those Domination citizens who prefer Warm Fuzzies over Mighty Domination. It may also be presented as the Eiler household crest. Indeed, the Dominator's sister and one of the nephews has each hoisted the flag. The flag also figured prominently in the Halloween Party of 2005, in which the Dominator's costume was his actual uniform plus the flag.

The Original Domination Flag

For about a year after the Declaration of Domination, the Domination used the Brotherhood of Evil Minions battle flag from its own Web fiction.

But since then, the Domination flag has been modified to have fewer colors (three instead of five). This not only makes the flag cheaper to produce (for the convenience of the Domination's flag merchants), it makes it easier to produce a Domination Ribbon with the flag's colors. If the Dominator's fictional analog lived in a real world without militia friends who could help produce custom flags, he'd have done the same. (It seems that flag design professionals advise similar measures. Indeed, the people who produced the first physical Domination flags said, the redesign was one of the best designs they'd ever received.)

The Ribbon of Domination

In response to its citizens' demand for ribbon-shaped decorations for their cars, the Domination of Eiler has its own patriotic ribbon, in Domination colors (sky blue with black and white checkers). This ribbon is informally known as the "Next-to-Last Ribbon", because it is exempt from the Declaration of the Last Ribbon.