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Minions of Eiler Unite!

The Near-Arctic Readiness Force

of the Domination of Eiler

The Domination of Eiler frequently has to cope with wintry conditions. It is Domination policy to maintain its regular operations in the Core Territories under these conditions.

Such operations are entrusted to a special Domination unit: the Near-Arctic Readiness Force, or NARF. The NARF is capable of conducting cavalry operations in wind chills of -12 degrees Fahrenheit.

The NARF's motto is, "Near-Arctic Readiness Force - Powerful Over Icy Terrain - Energy, Growth, And Domination!", or "NARF - POIT - EGAD!" for short.

The NARF is staffed with an elite troop of the Domination Guard, which has spent its entire life wintering in New England and the Great Lakes region of North America... the heartland of the Domination of Eiler, and the home of North America's heaviest regular snowfalls. The NARF has survived several blizzards, including the infamous Massachusetts April Fools Blizzard of 1997.

The NARF contributes greatly to the prestige of the Domination and the contentment of its citizens.

The Domination of Eiler can now release these operational photographs of NARF cavalry maneuvers.

Snow Fortress Eiler! The Face of Domination
The mighty NARF bicycle rests upon Snow Fortress Eiler, which dominates the approach to one of the Domination's engineering facilities.
The Dom-Signal looks down upon the NARF bicycle and Snow Fortress Eiler.

After all major snowfalls, the NARF maintains a bicycle garrison at Snow Fortress Eiler, which dominates the approach to the main engineering facility of the Eiler coalition partner "Some Big Company" in Illinois.

The Dom-Signal

This all occurs under the watchful gaze of a Dom-Signal, which the Domination Guard was able with great audacity to post within the "Some Big Company" facility.

The Holy Snow Bike of Domination
The NARF-Cycle is actually famous for its conquests, even outside its daily patrols. This photo is courtesy of, the Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Domination of Eiler.

Of course, the NARF conquers many things other than its daily commute. The NARF conquers wherever the Domination conquers.

In particular, the NARF has astounded some of its coalition partners, by parking the NARF-Cycle on a field of snow for Kingdom-of-Heaven obeisance. The NARF-Cycle has thereby shown itself as a valuable educator for at least these four Domination principles: