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The Adventures of Me 45 B.C.

Asterix on the Shores of Time

I was involved in one of those DuoPolarity events last Christmastime. Some people from both the invading universes got away - and so did one of our own villains. And, of course, I get to find out where they went. It starts when yet another villain captures me...

I have to admit... during that DuoPolarity stuff, while my brother was leading a strike force that let two villains get away, I was leading my own strike force that let one of its own extradimensional targets escape.

The Toonish warriors crash into us. They ignore me, because I'm apparently no threat to them, gagged up like I am right now. They do, I'm glad to say, give the supervillains a hard time. But this isn't stopping any ceremony.

And then things... change. I'm suddenly in Massachusetts, in the little town where I used to live! And so are half the people I know from Illinois where I live now!

I've just gotten a good view of the inner workings of time. So now I know: These Toon-barbarians really are descended from Yosemite Sam!

And so, the invader that got away from me cancelled out the ones that got away from my brother.

The big deal supervillains got scattered to new lives, like I did. My new life is congenial, because I was driving Time at the time. I don't know exactly what their new lives are like, but I'm in a good position to say, they won't be bothering anyone I care about for a while.

Well, it would seem that ancient and modern together, human and Toon together, Frenchman and American together, have somehow saved the years. But I doubt anyone will believe me. As usual. (6 Mar 2004)

Me in Comic Books: Startup Escalation 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 A Prequel 2004 Asterix 2005 2006 2007 .

Asterix is copyright by Dargaud France Ltee, if I remember correctly. Yosemite Sam, of course, is an AOL Time Warner character nowadays. Baron Mordo comes from Marvel Comics. All other characters in this fiction are copyright © 2007 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.