December 19, 2006

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Two Generations Scheme With the World's Dreams

Dreams run strong in the Dunevoy family. Billionaire Malcolm Dunevoy made his fortune from dreaming true things. His son Michael Dunevoy had no fortune of his own yet. But like his father, he still has dreams.


Dreams of Becoming a Patriotic Hero

The Dreamtime is a place where everything that people dream has really come true!

Michael "Mal" Dunevoy is eighteen years old, and a "special needs" student at a school for people who are undermotivated to cope with reality. (See Related Story) When not at school, he lives in a penthouse condo in suburban Chicago, paid by his billionaire father. Servants tend to his needs, and bodyguards tend to his safety.

Mal is also a Dreamtime mage. The superheroes of the Balance threw him out of the Dreamtime last month, along with every other human who preyed on others' dreams. (See Related Story) But Mal went back - with a hostage!

  • First, Mal and his bodyguards captured Balance member Pam Brown, the Bride of the Ultimate Darkness. (See Related Story) Pam is an NCAA volleyball player for Cal-Berkeley, and was in metro Chicago to play at Northwestern University. Mal's bodyguards drugged her after the game.
  • With the Ultimate Darkness, Pam may be the most powerful superhuman of all... but Mal hypnotized her to fear the dark. This cut Pam off from her power.
  • His plan was to go back to the Dreamtime, while still awake. The Dreamtime now has defenders who expel anyone who's awake. But Pam was the friend of these dream defenders. Mal would use Pam as a human shield, via mental link.
  • Inside the Dreamtime, Mal started to make himself a U.S. patriotic icon - in camouflage tux and top hat! Pam would be his sidekick, in red-white-and-blue sequin tights. Mal figured, this should let him tap some mystic power, and carve out his own little empire of dreams.
Three members of "The Balance" lost their Earthly lives, but are now powers in the Dreamtime!

Pam is part of the superhero team "The Balance". After losing half the team in the Dreamtime, the survivors were facing their first challenge without their old teammates.

  • The rest of the Balance, Senhora Valkyrie and the Warrior Ashanti, were competent enough to track the kidnapping, as far as Mal's penthouse. But they couldn't go in the Dreamtime - at least not when they're awake.
  • Still, they had a way in to the Dreamtime. They just had to sleep! Most of their predecessors are icons there, and can bring almost any sleeping human they want in.
  • Mal's father Malcolm has to dream too. But he just passed right by and ignored his son!
  • By special arrangement with Gaea, cold's own hero Ultimate Low C was brought into dreams too. And he knows Mal Dunevoy from their rehabilitation school - "Low C" was Stan Levitz, and Mal was "Mikey" . As it turns out, Mal is Stan's step-brother; Mal's father is Stan's "Daddy #2"! (See Related Story)
  • Most importantly, Mal's stepmother (and Stan's mother) has to dream too. So she was there to talk Mal out of his manic episode. Stan wasn't at all surprised; he said, "I see my mommy in dreams all the time - when I get to dream."

And so the superheroes were reunited, and the son's scheme was neutralized. But the father was still scheming.


Dreams Tell Him Where to Find Them

The Earth has been visited by aliens since the days of the Roman Empire!

Michael Dunevoy's father Malcolm is insanely rich, but has better things to do than pay attention to his retarded son. Malcolm's been chasing aliens!

  • Malcolm has the ability to dream true things. This involves some Dreamtime ability, hence his son's interest in same. And true to form, Malcolm ignored his son while passing through the Dreamtime the last time.
  • Via the Dreamtime, Malcolm learned, aliens are operating in the south Pacific Ocean! He's gone to investigate - with his own helicopter carrier ship! His craft is the WW2 cruiser "U.S.S. Honolulu", saved from the scrap heap by the Donevoy family.
  • A guy named Jake was on the ship, looking for the launch bay. Jake was a U.N. colleague of the Warrior Ashanti. In the U.N. peacekeeper force, like in any good military force, you look out for your combat buddies. When the son's plot was under way, the Warrior Ashanti called for help. So Jake came to investigate the father's ship.
  • A security guard named Renda started chasing Jake. Renda worked for the billionaire master of the ship, and she had a job to do.
  • But then Jake and Renda got rushed by four dogs. Fortunately the dogs had force bubbles around their heads; these protected them from Jake's bullets, but they couldn't bite. Jake wondered, could he reach through the bubbles slowly and strangle the dogs?
  • But then, the dogs backed off. Malcolm Donevoy had appeared, blowing a whistle!
  • Malcolm had come to watch the aliens hoist a teleportal.
  • The dogs were guardians, bioengineered by little green saucer aliens to go where the aliens can't; the Earth's yellow sun is toxic to them. The force bubbles were part of their underwater breathing apparatus.

Malcolm Dunevoy let the dog-aliens go in peace. He'd found out how they operated. And he'd use that to his advantage.

Special to the World Journal Monthly by Wyatt Ferguson and Sylvester Morrow

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