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Superhuman World 2007

Life on Patrol

My superhuman friends want me on patrol against evil. My superhuman enemies want to neutralize me by putting me on patrol against the usual sorts of trivial evil. I guess I'm on patrol.

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It starts in South Lansing, Michigan. I'm walking to work past the nearest Meijer Thrifty Acres store in the snow, with Toejam and a few others. We take off our shoes where the pavement is clear. (2 Apr)

I'm supposed to patrol a certain range of addresses in the neighborhood, because the type of neighborhood should be familiar to me from when I was growing up. And I'm teamed with the equivalent of Captain America. (3 Apr)

Of course, I expect hell. All my fellow patrollers are former inmates, and they were supposed to make life hell for me. But as often happens in real life, after one confronts the unknown, it's not so threatening.

One day on patrol, I walk up a snowdrift and sit on the roof of a high school, but soldiers are patrolling and take my cell phone at gunpoint. (11 Apr)

Then I get an unexpected transfer...

My friend Jen's having a class to train aerobics teachers. I'm going dressed as Spider-Man. The guy in the Doctor Doom armor would rather not have to take this class, though. (12 Apr)

I've been cleared to tour some more with Jen, once she catches up. I'm taking planes from Michigan to Los Angeles via Atlanta and Honolulu; they say the plane can't land at L.A at 2 am. I'll be in window seats all the way. That sucks, for those of us with active bladders. (13 Apr)

All in all, patrol duty is haaard, I say whinily. Even if my friends are helping me avoid the really hard sort of patrol, I say because I've been in Iraq. But then, life itself is hard too.

But at least one good thing is coming out of it. People are offering me private-sector jobs again - albeit as an aerobics instructor. A gym is checking whether I can take over for an aerobics teacher who's way too easy. I'm probably busy all summer (still in the public sector, one might say), but I've got a friend who can help. (14 May)

Me in a Superhuman World:
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