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Hello, Readers!

A world with multiple Powernauts reacts to a supervillain crisis.

(signed) Scott Eiler, Publisher for Powernaut Comics, 1995.

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Giant Wave?

Wiki! Vara Hosea


Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Forced Upon the Biggest Wave

This is actually my pivotal story for the 1990s, the period I call the Escalation. My diary notes it as 1997, but reality shifts place it in 1995 now.

Vara Hosea and I may not have remembered us fondly that year. We got forced to wrestle each other during the Escalation, while one of us got chosen as the Champion of Death. She won. So she came for me when I died.

At the time, I recalled being brought back by the son of the Devil. But the Champion of Death will do. And my car indeed got mysterious upgrades then. I would later discover who installed those.

But this is not the pivotal story for the *Powernaut* in the 1990s - yet. Stay tuned!

Where's the New Car Smell?

Gavin So Why Are We Here?

I Got His Back

I Met the Powernaut Before You Met Him Twice We Rescued You Once Powernauts Have Successors

Wiki! Hypergaard

Highblood Scumblood I Still Have His Back

Wikis! Morningstar



Please Just Go Along

Vigilante Everyone?

Wiki! The Devil in White

Spaceblood You're Not Really With Them...?

Wiki! The Mad Axeman from Shenandoah

Part 2 Someone Made That Flood?

To Be Continued - in Part 2!

Author's Notes:

I'm kind of excited by this episode. It's not the ultimate episode of the 1990s, but it's an important build up to it.

But I'm also sort of de-energized by this episode. It has a *lot* of buildup. Indeed I have not even finished *plotting* the episode. And that's a good thing, because I've come up with intermediate comic strips twice now. Here in the modern age of the 1990s, we can have an entire prequel series for stuff. (Thanos got one in the comic books, before the Avengers even noticed he *had* some kind of Infinity Gauntlet!) 1995 Part 1 (which this is) is that prequel series for this story.

In this case, *everyone* is coming to fight over a thing in New York Harbor. The plot is straightforward, but it still takes work.

I'm planning to restrict the use of color in this series. Everyone and everything which actually *has* power will get a touch. Hyperblood and Spaceblood will get full color. And it's ironic my vehicle winds up with John Deere colors, but it *is* close to what I brought at the time.

But I've reintroduced the "Hypernaut" font in this series. (With considerable rework.) In 1966 they used Earthling font (and tone of voice) and tried to fit in. But in 1969 they reveaked what font they spoke in. In *this* series, I doubt they care. I believe this will only enhance the readers' enjoyment.

(signed) Scott Eiler, March 2023 now that I have even got the prelude going.

... I've gotten to where the story is changing my whole universe.

I am drawing plot elements from 1993 to 1997 in, so as to have one big 1995 story with everyone in it. (I'd already merged 1993 story from role-playing campaigns with 1997 story from the original web pages.)

I have no reliable way to contact the original creator of the relevant character. That creator has no reason to take credit for the character now (or ever). So the credit shall be noted as "anonymous".

Who knows what next?

(signed) Scott Eiler, 9 March 2023.

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Powernaut 1995: 1 2.

Vara Hosea is a character of Carol Galloway / Scott Eiler. The creator of Goldrush is anonymous. The story, artwork, and all other characters in this fiction are copyright © 2023 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.