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Hello, my Power Patrol! Welcome to my 2011 adventures - featuring the end of the world! Can I stop it? I guess we'll find out together!

This adventure comes with lots of guest stars - plus guest commentary! Enjoy!

(signed) The Powernaut!

For the Powernaut's audience, I need to introduce myself... Hello, I'm Wyatt Ferguson. I've been writing about superhumans for fifteen years now - usually because I've been dumped in among them. You may know me from my web site. (ref: Superhuman World 2011) This year I'm a National Security Advisor of the United States - and (like in 2005) an eyewitness to Powernaut adventures. God help us.

I'm full of background info. It's all on . So if I give you a link and you can't find it, start looking there.

And... we're off.

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Strip #1

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Endgame to Finale

The Powernaut is publishing his story of The End Of The World, in usual Powernaut manner - as a comic strip. One of his rules is, every strip has to mention the Powernaut. But I think the story might deserve some more commentary about the non-Powernaut parts. The U.S. Gov thinks so too. They keep me on payroll, and commentary is part of why. They surely didn't make me a sworn Federal agent just to beat up people. I can barely beat up stupid magicians. (2011/endgame2.txt)

So, commentary. Here goes.

Yes, I talked with the Vice-President. Or as he likes to be called, the Vice-Badass in Chief. Crusher Joe Corrigan actually likes to do the dirty work, which frees President Obama to hand out the warm fuzzies. Everyone's happiest that way... Anyway, I recall our conversation like this.

Crusher Joe: Wyatt! Give me ideas!

Wyatt: okaay... (insert recap of what Crusher Joe just told me about Wyoming and meteors) At times like this, I look for the Cosmic Reset Button.

Crusher Joe: Ha Ha.

Wyatt: No, really. Remember 1999? The world died then too! (me1999.htm#hung) But the gods helped us press a reset button, and we got better!

Crusher Joe: Then how 'come I don't remember that?

Wyatt: Could be the reality shift of 2000. Or 2002 and 2022. Or 2004 and 45 B.C. Or 2005. Or 2006 and 1941. I saw most of those.

Crusher Joe: Okay, I get it. Sounds like we need a time machine.

Wyatt: Unfortunately, the only one we have will only take us to 1911. (2009/porfiriato.htm)

Crusher Joe: ehh... Whatever. So tell me more about this god reset button.

Wyatt: We have to go into The Dreamtime to press that. Not just dream, we have to go there physically. The gods hate it when humans do that. There are a lot of challenges on the way, more than ever now. Were you there when all the superhumans did that in 2005? (2005/journal_melon.htm)

Crusher Joe: Yeah. It sucked. But it sounds like we gotta be ready to. Who's high-powered we can send?

Wyatt: There're Ellipses... (2011/useless.txt)

Crusher Joe: Not them!

Wyatt: Yeah, I agree... I guess there's the Powernaut!

I'll have plenty to say about Ellipsis and the multiple Ellipses in future episodes. Suffice it to say, I do prefer the Powernaut.

Strip #2

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! A Brief History of the Powernaut

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The historical record is kind of loose, but there have been Powernauts around since at least 1968. (ref: 2005/powernaut.htm) Their common theme is power; they're as powerful as they need to be. That could come in handy right now.

The current Powernaut surfaced in 2005, at the time of Hurricane Katrina. (ref: 2005/powerpatrol1.htm, Power Patrol) I met him, of course; I meet almost everyone. For a while, he and I were the only superhumans on Earth. He's been in the public eye a few times since then.

This year, Vice-President Corrigan assembled a team to try to move the Earth - literally. On that team, the Powernaut had to go fight the Council of Ordered Realities. (ref: 2011/discontent3.txt, The Summer of Discontent) The Mighty Tim speaks highly of him. So Crusher Joe would like to have him on the team again.

Strip #3

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! The Bad Guys

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I promise I'll talk about Ellipses after the next episode. Right now, I feel the urge to talk about evil mages. Though I prefer the term "magic pricks".

World's simplest explanation: People may be pricks or not-pricks, and they may get superhuman powers from either science or magic. The pricks who have magic powers like to call themselves Black Mages. They go on and on about how liberating it is to practice the Black Arts. Pricks.

Every four years including 2011, they have a Black Arts Competition, kind of an evil magic Olympics. Winners get moved up in their pecking order, which buys them some extra evil magic. For the 2007 challenge, they basically set Greece on fire. Pricks.

Right now there are four pricks at the top of their pecking order. There used to be five, until the Mighty Tim, Doctor Lithium (!) and I took down Gaio Matrix. You're welcome, it was our pleasure. (2011/endgame2.txt) Here's who's left:

  • Lady Ebony. (2011/surprise.txt) Also known as the Mom of the Devil's Brat. (2008/devilwar.htm) Also known as Black Girl from Indianapolis in 1971. (2011/1971.txt) She and I go way back.
  • Mary Mystery. (2009/mary_mystery.htm) She and I are almost family; I almost married her great-aunt. Mary's the one who stopped me. Nothing against my ex, but I should probably thank Mary. (2010/judy.htm) Now she's sixteen, still filled with Goddess-powers, and almost as mature as a ten-year-old.
  • The Spectral Torch. That was him setting Greece on fire. (2007/others.htm#fire) Also known as the Trepannator. Also known as Captain Horror. Also known as the Candlemaker. Also known as the Harvester of Eyes. He's tried a lot of things over the years, and they haven't worked out well for him. Hence his current aspect as a spectre. But he's really John Valsi. He probably hates me more than anyone else does. But his archenemy is Mary of Nazareth. Yes, *the* Mary. He picked a fight with her. That failed so spectacularly, the entire city of Little Rock, Arkansas became holy ground. (jehovah.htm#mary)
  • Flack Chasterman. He's new, and I haven't run across him. But he's the one who blew up Yellowstone. (Though I suspect the Spectral Torch helped.) That put Flack at the top of the pecking order, which Lady Ebony doesn't like at all. (2011/endgame2.txt)

Strip #4

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Ellipses

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Last time, I mentioned people who get powers from magic. This time, it's powers from science in a big way. That is to say, Ellipses.

The original Ellipsis was (and is) a mutant supergenius. Twenty years ago, while he was still in college, he invented a portable energy field called the Ellipsis Field. Unfortunately the field tended to drive people crazy, including himself at times. Just this year, he got that fixed and went open-source with the tech. Now there's a small swarm of engineers flying around with the equivalent power of nuclear bombs. (2011/useless.txt)

Does that make you nervous at all? The U.S. Government isn't terribly happy about it. And evil mages hate all that science in the air. But the general public is taking it better than I expected. People only hate things when other people can do them and they can't.

Strip #5

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! The Science Behind the Powernaut

... You're kidding, right? The Powernaut and the things he does cannot be explained by science, no matter how hard people like the Ellipses try. He's basically magic.

Nobody's quite sure of the source of the Powernaut's power. I'm pretty sure there's a link to the extradimensional city of Hypergaard, though. There they have hyperscience, which is basically magic. I actually heard an explanation from them once, but you'll have to excuse me 'cause I was eight years old at the time. (Powernaut 1969, yet to be published)

Strip #6

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! The Good Guys

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We wanted the Powernaut to storm the Dreamtime, but he was going to smash a meteor. There was a lot of public outcry about the U.S. Gov not doing that themselves. Suffice it to say, Ellipses had it covered. We just couldn't quite depend on them, so we couldn't announce it.

Still, we had to start recruiting for The Boot. I'll spare you the dialog, but we considered:

  • Lucianus Autonomus. By then, we suspected evil mages were opposing either Ellipses or the Powernaut. So we needed good mages. Their leader Lucianus Autonomus was ready to help. It surely was good just to see him in the room, 'cause he's so experienced and reasonable. The V.P. surely should have made him his National Security Advisor instead of me, but Lucianus wasn't interested. Thirty years ago or so, he defected to Cuba. (lucianus.htm)
  • Vara Hosea. She's Lucianus's deputy champion. I used to be her deputy champion... for Death. (death.htm) She's kind of sensitive, but she knows everyone. So she was good to have here too.
  • They wanted Stonewater as a conduit. She'd been in the Dreamtime for the last year, serving as a nature goddess. (2010/deathtrap.htm) But Crusher Joe had first call. She was in Cairo, Illinois. The U.S. Gov needed her to talk with the continent of North America. Really. (2009/journal.htm#northamerica) So they had to settle for...
  • Doctor Lithium. He was there in town; I'd escorted him there! He'd just come out of the Dreamtime - for much longer than Stonewater had been there! (2011/endgame2.txt) Vara Hosea didn't especially like him, but she'd worked with him for much of the 1990s in the Total Conversion battle squad. So she vouched for him. Crusher Joe was fine with him too, as long as he took his meds. But he wasn't up for field missions. So...
  • Leo the Pirate Vampire King. (2009/journal.htm#leo) The mages wanted to stay on Earth, because their enemies had specifically barred them (and me) from the Dreamtime. But someone still had to go into the Dreamtime to press The Boot. Leo had actually been there - and he was in town for a state visit, representing Tuvalu (the land of the Vampire Pirates). He volunteered, before I even had a chance to be considered. Thanks, Leo! But I have to say, you look less dangerous when you trim your whiskers.

We'd basically all worked together at one time or another - even Vara Hosea and the Powernaut. (2011/discontent3.txt) For sure, they have different ways of approaching life. You can tell that just by the way they dress. Let's just say, the Powernaut's exceptional in that respect, just as in every other; he adds color to every room he walks into. Even Leo the Pirate Vampire King dresses like pirates, vampires, and kings, but the Powernaut just dresses as himself. As far as anyone including myself can tell, he has no secret identity. He's just the Powernaut.

Strip #7

Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Pentahedron

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The Powernaut with a Pentahedron is kind of like Superman with a Green Lantern ring. So I know what you're all thinking...

Strip #8

To Be Continued - in Part 2!

Author's Notes:

I am not qualified to say how good my writing is. But I will say: I've been writing this story for twenty years. I've been escalating it for seven. It all comes here. And here's the Powernaut!

Once I told people that the governing trinity of my fiction was Ellipsis, Wyatt Ferguson, and the Hurrier. Well, the Powernaut has bumped the Hurrier and he's moving up in the ranks.

Any story which has the Powernaut, Wyatt Ferguson, and Ellipsis all in it is guaranteed to be weird. This story will have them all! And this isn't the first time; my text story Earth 2011: The Summer of Discontent had them. It sure was fun to drop the Powernaut into that angst festival. I'm aiming for the same effect in Powernaut 2011 - and I hope to prove that the Powernaut is not just a joke character.

Wyatt's getting a workout as narrator. Wow, this takes me back to when I used to write web pages instead of drawing them. But nowadays, with twenty years of storyline, most of my writing is cross-references.

Judging from Facebook reaction, the comic strip debut of Leo the Pirate Vampire King is easily the most popular Powernaut episode ever. Thanks for the use of Leo, Ray Conrad! I won't predict popularity, but I think Powernaut comics will be entirely as enjoyable going forward.

Oh, and the "He's Got a Pentahedron!" panel of this series is now in a dictionary (or at least a corporate PowerPoint slide), alongside a definition of "Project Team". I'll admit, I put it there. But it fits. 8{D>

(signed) Scott Eiler, 5 October 2012.

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Crusher Joe Corrigan is a character of Joe Fucile. Leo the Pirate Vampire King is used by permission of Ray Conrad. Doctor Lithium is used by permission of Doug Robinson. Other characters and all artwork in this fiction are copyright © 2012 by Eiler Technical Enterprises. Some review comments came from Bob King, Emperor of Lake Stevens. Yes, Eilertech takes local Emperors seriously.