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Introduction to Aerobics Choreography
A Whole Workout:
  1. Warmups:
    1 or 2
  2. Floor Patterns:
    1, 2, or 3
  3. Step Patterns:
  4. Drills
  5. Stretches.

Convention Journal: IDEA Fitness Fusion, Chicago, April 2005



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The future of technology lies everywhere, including fields where some engineers fear to go. Like, for instance, the fitness industry.

In the future, aerobics instructors will carry handheld computers to help them document the routines they develop. (Your cell phone can do that nowadays!) These computers will connect to the World Wide Web, so the instructors can publish their routines in advance, letting their students know what to expect. The instructors will be able to offer other professional services or publish their own articles, via their web sites ... At Eiler Technical Enterprises, the future is now.

In the future, aerobics instructors will have their own web pages. It's not that hard! If you're smart enough to teach an aerobics class, you're smart enough to write your own web page. And you can start by finding the "Save As" button under "File" on your web browser, right now! Here's much more on how.

Many instructors already publish routines on the Web for no charge, but it's hard to find one who'll give an Web-based introduction to step aerobics. Instructors who'll give this information to anyone who hasn't paid for their classes yet, may be a thing of the past... At Eiler Technical Enterprises, the past is the future too. Here's an introduction to step choreography terms, with a unique text-based notation to speed your file download.

In the future, aerobics instructors will mix their own professional-quality music tapes, with the kind of music they and their students like. Music editors on their desktop computers will allow them to edit out anything that doesn't fit into an easy-to-follow 32-count beat, and speed up or slow down the music as they like... At Eiler Technical Enterprises, the future is coming. Eiler Technical Enterprises is not currently licensed to sell aerobics tapes, but it endorses the use of CoolEdit 2000 to make your own. It has its own too.

These aren't just theories. They're being put into practice. The staff of Eiler Technical Enterprises is certified by the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) to instruct aerobics classes, and has recently been employed teaching floor aerobics. (It's a sad story why not anymore. The story involves a very insistent engineering customer.) Stil, the staff trains and keeps current on best practice, to an extent that even the most experienced fitness professionals sometimes neglect to do.

And when it comes to teaching aerobics... let's not scare the engineers and the other beginners off, shall we? Let's keep the choreography simple, without sacrificing the exercise. This is the Eiler Aerobics Enterprise philosophy. It's not for everyone, but it is for the people you most need to bring to the exercise room.

Don't just spend your bucks for fitness. Spend them for technical fitness. Spend them for Eiler fitness.

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