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Hello, my Power Patrol! Welcome to my 2005 adventures - forward to the modern age!

(signed) The Powernaut!

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Bonus Section: Help, S.O.S.!

Hello, Andrew P. You're on the line, and Stephen Oliver Samuels is ready to answer your question.

Innnnnnnteresting. I don't think I quite get fractal time, tho.

Hello, Andrew. I'm not sure anyone gets fractal time. As soon as I mentioned the concept on Internet, one Mayan devotee used the phrase, just to say the world will end in 2012. I have reason to believe the Mayas had their own way to maintain their calendar, in case the world wouldn't end on their schedule. But other weird usage may arise.

I heard talk of fractal dimensions before fractal time. Only recently have I seen fractal time seriously discussed. Fractal time does explain a lot of things about the Powernaut.

The timeline I drew for the Powernaut is like a very simple road map for time. Each sideways shift goes into an alternate universe. Each reverse shift goes back in time to start over.

For example, if you look closely just to the right of 1954 where 1955 should be, and you draw a line straight up from there, you'll find the Powernaut's history crosses the line forward twice and backward once. Backward was a reality shift; the second forward crossing was PowerTEEN. And PowerTEEN is nowhere near the flat line at the bottom, so he's not part of our reality.

For another example, look at 1962. It's nowhere near the flat line either, but it's closer than 1955. At least it had the real Powernaut. But that rocket we flew to Mars then is still not part of the flat line history which normal people live. I'm privileged to have shared a lot of the Powernaut's history, so I've seen his incredible worlds.

Since the line is fractal, there are always more changes. That's happening even to the flat line now, which we all experience. If the Powernaut were here, he'd be able to deal with it better than the present-day heroes have.

Strip #4

Author's Notes:

Heh. Now I reveal the full power of a series which can take place in any year it likes.

I usually draw in public. One public reviewer said, you're doing some dark stuff. Well, yeah, welcome to 2005. The Powernaut is not only going into a typical comic from then, he's going into an actual comic - and he's already gone there! I wrote it! This is his original origin story. Originally text, but now going into cartoon form!

The theme for 2005 is convoluted modern plot with an alien takeover, like in Marvel Comics. I apologize for how well my plot from 2005 fits the concept. Oh well. But even then, I dumped the Powernaut into it. This strip should demonstrate what contrast that meant. And he did change the outcome.

Perhaps the Powernaut of 2005 looks like me. Well, yeah. People took photos of him then. But even the photos didn't get it straight all the time. The Powernaut showed up for my Halloween party, and I wasn't dressed as him! That's how forceful the Powernaut was, even then.

There's so much I could say right now... I always intended my stories for rewriting by a competent author. But as ever, I'm all I have. I'll just have to rewrite them myself as best I can. 2005 is not my favorite story year, but it's as good a place as any to start.

To start this series, I have tried to reflect six different artistic styles from different eras. Things I did with ink, mostly became irrelevant when I reduced them to the scale of Powernaut comics. But I've dome some things with colors which should smack the reader in the face, especially around 1968. In contrast I've tried to make 2005 colors as bland as possible, right down to beige and white.

Powernaut 2005 takes the pressure off. The Powernaut can go anywhere from here. Earth 2011 particularly needs him. And there are more 2005 stories to tell. But the 2005 series is revealing old stories too. In particular, how exactly did the Powernaut fight World War 2? The next series will probably tell that story.

I started Powernaut comics with an audience from Rec.Arts.Comics.Creative on good old Usenet. I've publicized the comics on Facebook. I'm actually building a new readership. It's a great time to be writing comics.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 28 April 2012.

Powernaut: Home 1941 1944 1948 1954 1955 1962 1966 2005 (with Stories) 2009 (with Stories) 2011 (with Stories) .
Powernaut 2005: 1 2 3 4 5.
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