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It's All Hitting the Fan

The Adventures of Me 2005

Occulator Compuplex

This is the battle for the end of the world. And of course, I find myself there. Oh, joy. And of course, it starts out in the usual mundane way...

I'm walking through a shopping mall in Michigan City-Indiana, looking for a clean bathroom. In one of those back hallways, I find aliens trying to hold a group mind together by chanting "Occulator Compuplex".

The aliens are worried because of a villain they've been monitoring. This villain has just torn apart one of the Earth's most powerful super-powered creatures.

The aliens' most respected human ally is Ellipsis; they call him the Doombreaker. Apparently he's back on our Earth, after renouncing the place. How swell of him. And apparently the aliens were expecting his help.

So, I'm now the aliens' second choice. They actually call me the Deathbringer. Of course, I got changed by reality shifts too. But I got better. For instance, one of me is the superheroic Powernaut.

With the Occulator Compuplex, there was a woman who knew the future, three seconds in advance. But she died, shoving a friend aside to save her life. The rescued woman is with the Occulator Compuplex now.

Unfortunately, Spanker 4 isn't just waiting to be attacked.

The plan goes, the Powernaut goes in and picks a fight with Spanker 4. And the Powernaut, being a superhero, is good at that. So they go flying out among the Central Asian mountains. Meanwhile, Anne and I get to explore the enemy stronghold.

Spanker 4 comes in first. The aliens told me he looked human, but right now he resembles one of those alien killing machines from movies or comic books. Which kind of makes sense, because he is one of those alien killing machines.

So, up on the top of a mountain in Central Asia, it's a bright cold windy day. And it's anyone's fight. Anne can use her neutralizing powers, but not decisively. And that might actually be a good thing.

And meanwhile, the archvillain Philippe St. Josephe Lateran is hovering around the fight scene, hoping to pick up the pieces.

... Wow. This is the big one.

I don't have to write my journals now. I can think them. I have "Brain2Web" technology, which I carry with me at all times. And that's a good thing. With Lateran hovering around me, and nobody left to rescue me, this could be the last you hear from me. (4 - 6 Nov 2005)

After-Action Report

The State of the World

Okay, the last entry was not my last. I think.

I've survived interacting with Philippe St. Josephe Lateran. I'm going to assume that means I'm free. Or, at least, he's letting me think I am.

Apparently our universe has survived, so what now?

Is the weird stuff all over now?

Are the aliens still here?

So what for the world?

So what about me?

Why don't the Powernaut and I just take over, because we're the only active superhumans left?

I guess we'll all see what happens here, with a brave new world exposed to superhumans for the first time. And it seems I'm going to find out first, because I still have most of my powers.

So, we have a bunch of minor-powered superhumans, and a bunch of national governments which are already paranoid about their security. I think I can see where this trend is going now...

After-Action Report

An Occulator Compuplex Christmas

or, You're In the Army Now!

In our bold new universe, they've never had superhumans... before me. And I've gone public, thank you so much the Powernaut.

So, The Powers That Be are kind of interested in me. This is much like where I came from, only in an even more militaristic way. For starters, it seems I get Christmas in Iraq this year!

That was just a brief bit of R&R before the main mission, though. My friends and I got sent to Basra, Iraq after that.

Yes, that's Christmas in Iraq. At least it's what we civilian contractors get, and it's just a taste of what the regular Armies and on-shore Marines get. It's definitely not for everyone, especially not all those servicepersons who actually like Christmas, and left family behind to wonder why Daddy or Mum isn't home then.

But I came willingly. Even on this job, all my friends came willingly too.

As for me, I've decided to explore alternatives to (a) waiting for my nephews to melt down when they've been up since two hours before dawn on Christmas Day, and (b) sitting alone in my apartment thinking suicidal thoughts suitable for a Survivor Of The Lost Earth, waah waah. Christmas in Iraq may not be the best choice, but as long as I can avoid those suicidal thoughts, there are still other choices. Maybe I'll find them some day. (26 Dec 2005)

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