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The Pentahedron provided me this input entry space. I wonder how it looks back in the real worlds?

Incident Report
01/31/2005 Subjective
01/31/1940 Objective
d1870.2 Reference (Uncatalogued)
There's a Western from the viewpoint of Annie Oakley's rival, as if Annie had never existed. Lots of bomb-coping, auto driving, and other high adventure, but still not a happy place.

Narrative Report
02/01/2005 Subjective
02/01/2005 Objective
d1990.4 Reference ("Anno Ellipsis")
Wanted by the Greenland Rebellion!

I've been away from home for a while. I got banished to the American Revolution, and had to hitch a ride back with time travellers.

But I've made it. I've seen back home. Real home, where I thought people might miss me. But the Greenland Rebellion government wants me dead!

They blame me for the death of my "mentally challenged" nephew. Or the departure of Ellipsis. Or something. They're not sure what; they're still arguing. But they're on bad times, and they need a scapegoat. And that would apparently be me.

I think maybe I'll stay out a while longer. Maybe I can leave a message at home in the meantime. There might still be people worried about me.

Background Report
02/02/2005 Subjective
Pentahedron Objective and Reference

Those time travellers I hooked up with? They're on a big project, to map the omniverse. Seeing as how people want me dead back home, I think I'll stay on with them.

Their time machine is powered by something called a Pentahedron, though their leader says a better term would be Hypertetrahedron. It's a four-dimensional solid, made out of triangular pyramids. It looks kind of like a pentagram, when it's reduced to our two-dimensional vision. And that kind of explains the popularity of both pyramids and pentagrams in those old-time religions.

Incident Report
02/02/2005 Subjective
02/02/2004 Objective
d1990.4 Reference (Uncatalogued)
I've just become the third person to successfully capture Saddam Hussein! Or so it's reported. It seems he had a lot of doubles.
Incident Report
02/03/2005 Subjective
02/03/2005 Objective
d1939.20 Reference ("Marvel Universe")
By a mini-hotel near railroad tracks, I catch up on universal current events. There's a new anti-Hulk Sinister Six, with the Absorbing Man, the Abomination... and Razorback. Why not zzZax instead?
Incident Report
02/04/2005 Subjective
02/04/2005 Objective
d1993.2 Reference (Uncatalogued)
I'm seeing a multi-level play where they take the celebrities in the audience across Boston in a tram to see the final act. I get to ride next to Ted Kennedy, and I get a chicken sandwich on the way.

Incident Report
02/05/2005 Subjective
02/05/2005 Objective
d1937.50 Reference ("DC Universe")
In northern Indiana, I've borrowed an atlas from Lobo, and now I can't return it because his gas station's closed. I hope he doesn't kill me.

Narrative Report
02/06/2005 Subjective
02/06/1993 Objective
d1952.2 Reference (Uncatalogued)
Going Home... Sort Of

Mom and Dad are alive! At least, they're alive here. My brother and I are on a bus to see them.

But this is a strange land. The highways are twice as wide, the skyscrapers are twice as tall, and the buses are twice as wide and tall. We're trying to get to the north side of Indy where my parents live now (a step up from the west side where I grew up), but the terminals are so confusing, I wind up Chicago-bound. Awww! I got to try to go see them again.

Background Report
02/07/2005 Subjective
Pentahedron Objective and Reference

My fellow travellers are a motley lot.

  • We're chiefed by Niles, who never walks. His floating chair does all his life support for him. Poor guy. But he's got brains. He found this Pentahedron, and recruited the others from across the omniverse to help him exploit it. He says, it beats making clones of the only other people who ever worked well with him.
  • There's Linda, whom Niles found under a snowdrift in Antarctica. Linda says she survived a huge battle, only to find she never existed. She kind of understands my own condition.
  • And there's Wendell, who swallowed a planet or something, and is looking for the right place to burp it up. But it can't just be any old place, because this planet will eat the universe if it gets a chance. Oh well, it's no weirder than my own life.
  • There used to be Emil. He's the guy I met at the Cumberland Gap in 1780, during the first Revolution in North America. Which is to say, "the" American Revolution.
    • They say Emil was a mercenary once. But he had a fatal illness. And he ran afoul of some higher power, which gave him one last chance to live his life right.
    • Emil was French, which was unusual among Tennesee militia of the time, but not unheard of. The French-Americans were roaming Tennessee a century before the English-Americans moved in. Tennessee was French once, in a loose sort of way.
    • Emil went into battle with me, at King's Mountain. He didn't come back.
    • That's part of why I joined this troop. They really deserved a replacement for him.
    • But another part is, they mostly let us explore wherever we like. At least it keeps me busy.

Incident Report
02/09/2005 Subjective
02/09/2005 Objective
d1939.11 Reference ("Marvel Universe")
It seems Wendell dresses up in costume and calls himself Quasar! He's off to a meeting with giants. He's going to offer them some ecological settings. I try to follow, on a network of mountain bike paths. But I pick one that goes across dunes near a fence, and I'm stuck. Oh well, it's a good thing I'm not a real superhero.

Narrative Report
02/08/2005 Subjective
02/08/1993 Objective
d1952.2 Reference (Uncatalogued)
Not Quite Home Yet

I found Mom and Dad's old home. They weren't around, since they've moved. But the phone company built an underground facility there, complete with wood paneling, conference halls, and electromagnetic testing with dipole magnets. No wonder Mom and Dad could afford to move.

Narrative Report
02/09/2005 Subjective
02/09/1993 Objective
d1952.2 Reference (Uncatalogued)
Giving Back At Last

I finally hooked up with Mom and Dad! But they weren't happy. It seems they were still raising me!

It was 1993 here. My own Dad died of cancer in 1990. He got better after that, but it's a long story. But here, he was still holding on to his diseased life. He had to, because...

I'm still mentally retarded here! I've been eligible to leave grade school ever since 1973, but 20 years later, I still like hanging out with the students. My parents are embarassed. Wouldn't you be, if you had to live with a 40ish year old man who invited 8 year olds for sleepovers?

And Dad needs to move on! So does Mom, for that matter; my Mom died in 1993! Whatever I am here, I've made my parents hang on to parental responsibility for far too long.

There's only one way out. I have to merge with my omniversal counterpart, so as to give him a responsibility transplant.

I've done the merge before; most dimension travellers have. But this guy will be no treat. I'm likely to come out of this one as a mental child. But as long as I can give my parents some freedom, it's worth the risk. My colleagues agree.

In short, I pull it off. But the Pentahedron team has to carry me for a while after that. (Linda's especially kind.) Fortunately, I've kind of always been a boy who would not grow up, so I adapt.

I'm just glad I finally got to give something back to my parents. I never got a chance to do that before.

Background Report
02/07/2005 Subjective
Pentahedron Objective and Reference

So, what happened back at the Revolution?

  • I'd joined up with Emil at the Cumberland Gap. Somewhere along the line of march, he told me, he was a time traveller, tracking other time travellers. It seems someone had come up with a way to let super-South Africans conquer the world, all based on the battle our militia troop was marching to. And he was here to help stop it.
  • To stop it, he had to make sure a certain British unit commander died. The commander's name was Patrick Ferguson.
    • My own name being Wyatt Patrick Ferguson, you can imagine my ambivalence at killing someone who was probably one of my own ancestors.
    • But Emil assured me, the guy was supposed to die anyway. Since I was here to fight against the British and maybe make them die, I bought the concept.
  • Well, battle day came, as it had to. And Emil made a beeline toward Major Ferguson's unit. Not wanting to lose my ride home, I followed along.
  • But then I recognized people in the British unit. They were other extradimensional secret agents I'd worked with - to stop the Turkish Empire! Hell if I know how they wound up here. I knew the Battle of King's Mountain helped decide the future of one continent, but I was counting four continents worth of time travellers there. Enough was enough.
  • So I ran behind a tree, broke off the end of a powder horn so I could use it as a megaphone, and yelled, "THIS IS THE TIME POLICE!"
    • I was going to yell, "EVERYONE BORN AFTER 1800, OFF THE BATTLEFIELD NOW!" But things hit the fan too fast. Specifically, my tree exploded.
  • By the time I picked myself up, the battle was over. And there were superhumans in bright colors, going over the grounds. Oh joy, more agents.
  • But these were Emil's allies. Wendell and Linda in their working clothes, for the record. And they'd found Emil. He'd finished the mission... but that was his last accomplishment in life.
  • To make the story short (for once)... the superhumans could tell I wasn't from around there, and they were more than willing to take me into custody.

And so, I found my ride home. But more importantly, Emil's allies became my allies too.

Incident Report
02/14/2005 Subjective
02/14/2005 Objective
d1937.50 Reference ("DC Universe")

A TV weather network crew is on campout; a meteorologist named Steffi Brock snagged the best tent spot, in a cave mouth with a great view of some volcanic gas. But I can float around the site, using my sleeping bag as a wind sock. Wow, great gas!

Ms. Brock got the most of it. Now, it seems she can change her weight at will! The Chief saw it coming; he's hoping to recruit her.

Narrative Report
02/17/2005 Subjective
02/17/1802 Objective
d1800.1 Reference (Uncatalogued)
Onslaught 1802

We've come to the United States in 1802, chasing some more historical meddlers.

Thomas Jefferson is President here, just like our own history - but he's starting to round up dissidents. There are rumors, he loves France so much, he's brought a guillotine over from there. And he's got a new advisor, who's all in favor of strong government. Give me a break; we've got centuries to build up to that concept.

The Chief's been talking with one dissident, apparently another dimension traveller who won't give his name, unless we believe his mommy really called him "X the Unknown". Apparently he's so deformed that he always wears a cloth mask.

Based on these talks, we're going to move against Jefferson's advisor. Fine with me. America really was the bright shining hope of the world back then, and nobody messes with that if I can help it.

It turns out, the advisor was Onslaught, a demon or something whom I've met before. He came here to build an empire! And North America in 1802 was actually a good place for that. Napoleon would have done it himself, if not for a slave rebellion on Haiti.

Fortunately, my colleagues have enough power to drive Onslaught off. The masked dissident disappears after that too. It seems he isn't too comfortable around other humans or something.

Background Report
02/20/2005 Subjective
Pentahedron Objective and Reference

The Pentahedron works with a protocol most of us would recognize... kind of. It's the Hyper-Body Hyper-Transfer Protocol - or hbhtp! As in, hbhtp://d1990.4/ .

Narrative Report
02/27/2005 Subjective
02/27/2005 Objective
d1937.50 Reference ("DC Universe")

We've got a new team member! It's Steffi, who was messing around with volcanic gas, so now she can change her weight. Just like a woman named Rita, whom the Chief knew once, except Rita could change her size too. And just like Rita, Steffi joined our team. But then I had to screw it up.

I have to admit, I've been kind of childlike lately. My colleagues have put up with it, so far. But Steffi's new.

In short... I have to admit, I jumped her. It was during one of our workouts, and I was just looking for someone to playfully wrestle, who didn't have cosmic power or was confined to a wheelchair.

Well, Steffi beat me. At first, wrestling her was like riding a helium balloon, and I fell off.

But then, she slammed me to the ground. Oh yeah, she changes her density. And I think she's figured out how to do that to best advantage. I once fought women in double gravity... and one of them put out exercise videos afterward. Maybe Steffi's been studying.

And then she knocked me out with nerve pinches to the neck. But it felt good, like a neck massage, until I fell unconscious. Wendell must have taught her; he was a trained US Gov agent once.

After I awoke, the Chief told me the bad news. Steffi said, either she leaves, or I do.

Well, I thanked the Chief for what he taught me. Then I left. Straight out of his universe. Under my own power.

Our crew relies on the Pentahedron, which is hyper-dimensional and gives dimension-transfer powers. Well, my blood contains something called Unobtainium, which is itself hyper-dimensional. It's like little Pentahedrons. And it seems, now that I know how the Pentahedron can cross the universes, my blood gives me the power to walk the worlds on my own!

Narrative Report
02/27/2005 Subjective
02/27/2005 Objective
d1990.4 Reference ("Anno Ellipsis")
Home, or Not

I think it might be time to go to my home now: East Douglas, Massachusetts, first home of the FERG.

It's more built up than it used to be; it has two new restaurants in familiar places. But it also has roving gangs of teenage boys. People say they've been here for over a week. I can't even make it through the crowds to the restaurants. So that's it for me. Don't mess with happy hour!

Instead, I go on a tour of the town's graveyards. Each gravestone is now decorated with makeshift crosses. Some crosses are red, some are white. "Red is the dead who were known by the dead; white is the dead who were loved by the living." They say that's a French custom. And it must be true, because one of the white crosses is being visited by a young man, barely more than 20 years old. Loved by the living.

But it's a makeshift white cross, like you see at roadside shrines where teenagers get cut down by cars. And it has my name on it! Some people here want me dead; others think I already am!

I think I'll go elsewhere to consider the course of the righteous.

Narrative Report
02/27/2005 Subjective
02/27/2005 Objective
d1990.4 Reference ("Anno Ellipsis")
My Home is the Omniverse

I'm wanted for death on my homeworld. Some people there think I'm dead already.

So you may not see much of me there. Especially now that my homeland's Gov wants to bring superhumans to judgment, even before crimes are committed. And especially now that I'm about as superhuman as ever.

But still, it's my home. There are certain places I can rest there, without bringing mankind's judgment upon my fellow workers of the FERG, or upon the rest of the people I ever knew and loved. And there are ways I can avoid your sight.

If you see me in passing, please understand when I disappear. If you never see me again, it's not because I don't love you as friends. But I love all the universes now. They all are worthy, and if you can see me, I like where you live too.

(signed) Wyatt Ferguson

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