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The Comic Book Adventures of Me 2006

Heroes of the New Present

As part of the latest reality shift, superhumans have had a great victory. Not only have they defeated Nazis, they're reverted to previous levels of power. So, concentration camps for them are out of the question. What will there be instead?

Apparently, we're all getting together to decide that.

Lucianus Autonomus is the informal but highly respected leader of the superhuman world, and he's inviting every superhuman he can find to his beachfront compound in Cuba. When Lucianus Himself invites you to his house, you aren't in danger if you refuse, but you still don't refuse.

But this sucks. I have my own life to attend to...

Still, I can use this superhuman conference trip as a stepping stone to other fun...

Of course, before I go have fun in Patagonia, I have to put in an appearance among superhumans. Oh joy.

When the conference opens, Lucianus givs us the recent news.

Lucianus concludes, "We've changed the world. We changed it twice this year. Of course we'll change it again. But this time, we do it right and make it last. And it'd be a good thing if we helped mankind while we did it."

Then, the world's superhumans report. They're already lining up with sponsors.

The conference goes on for so long, there's more news coming in.

...Well, that's the news. With all the argument over it, it's taken a week to get this far. And more superhumans are arriving for the conference all the time. Of course, this means not only more argument over the remaining measures, but re-opening of the old issues.

So, I'm sorry, Lucianus, but I have travel plans. Whatever it is that y'all decide, either I'll live with it, or I'll hide from it. Either way, I don't need to watch the decision be made, any more than I need to watch pigs be ground up for sausage. Those who love sausage and respect a committee decision, should never watch either one being made.

After-Action Report

Treasure Hunt

I'm being hunted! Last month's world conference of superhumans are having a treasure hunt, to neutralize devices that.can cause reality shifts - and I used to own several of these. I myself am under suspicion, especially since I left the conference early.

Me in Comic Books:
Startup Escalation 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 A Prequel New Present A Sequel .

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