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Hello, Readers!

I've been told that Powernaut Comics aren't socially relevant, and that the Powernaut spends too much time solving problems with his fists. *This year, that changes!* The Powernaut has a new look and a new approach to life. I've gotten my hip young nephew (also named Scott, by the way) to write the series. I'm sure you'll find it "swinging"!

(signed) Scott Eiler for Powernaut Comics, 1968.


Drugs *aren't* always bad. But this Powernaut is a trained pharmaceutical professional. Always consult one before you take something a drug store won't just sell you. And always follow the recommended dosages!

(signed) J. Edgar Hoover

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And Psychoactive Drugs!

S.O.S., the Powernaut's Pal

It's Not OFFICIALLY a War Zone

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Stephen Oliver Samuels (S.O.S.)! Who Was the New Powernaut?

When this comic strip publisher came to me to ask me about the Powernaut, I started talking about 1944. But then they started asking about 1968.

1968 is embarrassing for me... The real Powernaut had disappeared. Paula Power had become a flower girl. Stonewater Smith was marching with civil rights movements. Of the former Power Patrol, only I was still working for the national defense. And in 1968, national defense became unpopular.

Then came this new guy, calling himself the Powernaut. We knew exactly who he was; he never hid it. So I actually did meet him. He was obviously a smart guy, which is fine with me. The embarrassing thing is, he wasn't a fraud; he had powers of some sort! Not like the *real* Powernaut, of course, but he didn't need that! He could go anywhere almost instantly. He dodged the Power Patrol and other authorities that way, more than once.

As you can see, I appeared in the Powernaut 1968 comics. I of course was portrayed in an unflattering Beetle Bailey art style, and (I think) made to look stupid. Oh well. I try not to brag, but I *did* invent the Mars rocket the Powernaut used in 1962. I've also adapted to the changing times. Here in 2005, I'm pleased to say I'm still around and the 1968 Powernaut is the ancient artifact. For instance, no one today could get away with openly ingesting a drug like he did.

I have to wonder how Powernaut Comics ever got away with printing some of those 1968 comic strips. I hear they made a conscious decision to try to appeal to underground comic readers. Their "Secret Agent" Powernaut comics of 1966 must not have been too successful, even though in my opinion those comics show the Powernaut's finest moment.

Still, I have to admit the 1968 Powernaut beat us to solving a *couple* of problems the world had. This series has his account of these adventures.

If We Travel By My... Dragonfly!

I Thought YOU Knew Where MINE Went

So What?

Author's Notes:

When I came up with the Powernaut in 2005, the 2005 Powernaut was not the original! He always had a 1960s predecessor, which I described months earlier. The 1941 Powernaut originated with the comic strip debut in 2011. So, as odd as this sounds, 1968 has the original Powernaut! That makes his story pivotal (if not central) to the series. Now I have reached it.

I put the longstanding character S.O.S. in, and made him frustrated about arguing with hippies. That is an ongoing sport in many parts of the world, especially Oregon. I've tried to commemorate the origin of the sport here.

Originally I'd planned a lot more Galactus world-destroying reference in this 1968 series. But the Powernaut 1966 series grabbed that concept. That makes 1968 a lot more carefree, like an underground comic of 1968. That worked out well. The Powernaut's 1968 power set also lends itself to a quick resolution for many problems.

I tweaked the art and the logo to reflect the changing times. I tweaked the lettering and coloring to reflect the difference between the Powernaut and everyone else. I would have tweaked that stuff all along, except that didn't fit 1941 comics. But I left the 1968 origin the same as 1941, panel for panel and almost word for word. Oh, that must have infuriated the fans of the original... This helps explain the S.O.S. / Powernaut 1968 rivalry. S.O.S. is basically the ultimate Powernaut fan, beyond even his teammates. There will be further implications. Heh.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 7 February 2014.

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