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Powernaut 2024: 1 2.

POWERNAUT 2024 Part 2!


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Hello, Readers!

The future world of Powernauts has a space elevator - plus one more tower next to it now!

(signed) Scott Eiler, Publisher for Powernaut Comics, 2024.

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We Must Go As Well
Distract the Oaf
Like Shadow Warriors?
I Am the Ultimate Ninja But He Might
Our Car Awaits
They've Already Left

Wikis! Toejam




Toledo Torpedo


Ultimate Ninja

All Powernauts to the Bridge
I Suspect Long Delay

To Be Continued!

Author's Notes: Preview!

Our Writer will admit to inventing three different concepts intended for Marvel Comics, and they all show up here because Writer is lazy and not well-enough connected to get these concepts published there.

  • What If... 2099 had a Captain America, a Thing, a Son of Satan, and a Howard the Duck - and they were all the same person? Let us call this person "Red Guardian 2099".
  • What If... Thanos got rocketed to Kansas as a baby - and it were before the American Civil War? Let us insert Red Guardian 2099.
  • What If... Thanos formed the X-Men? Again let us insert Red Guardian 2099.

The names will of course be changed to protect Marvel's copyright. The circumstances will of course be changed to fit into the background of Powernaut Comics. But it's all happening for 2024 - and centuries before and since. Wiki Preview

(to be continued)

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Powernaut 2024: 1 2.

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