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Hello, Readers!

The future world of Powernauts treats spectators to a World's Fair!

(signed) Scott Eiler, Publisher for Powernaut Comics, 2024.

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Bonus Section: Description by Dr. Philip Hanover, "Professor" Powernaut! What We're Building

Hello, readers. What we're building, is a community where superheroes have input, but so does everyone. These autobiographies may help show how.

  • Peace Officer James Baldrie is native to Power City. He loves the idea that police are here to help, and he tries to live that out.
  • Paula Poderr (Paula Power) has been a Powernaut since early days. (A woman never reveals her age!) She's the math teacher at Power School.
  • Jeffrey Goldblatt (Powernaut 1987) was both a Powernaut, and an actor portraying the Powernaut! Now he teaches drama and liberal arts at Power School.
  • The Powernaut of 2005 ("Coach Powernaut") loves being a Powernaut!
  • Paulie Poderr is holding at zero superhuman powers, but he just can't escape the legacy of Power School! He's on staff now, traveling around the country to act as liaison. He loves discovering new coffee shops.
  • Hilari Hosea Autonomus, Candy Coach, has adjusted to her power level within the superhuman community. She's now a counselor to students within the Power School, particularly some whom are "lower-powered".
  • Megaphone honors his father's memory. The elder Megaphone gave back his advanced future technology - and then died of disease which had been eradicated by his future time. Today's Megaphone continues the tradition, with the finest modern technology Power City has. For instance, he has a jet pack!
  • Amy Larson, Intensity, is now a fitness trainer, in the tradition of her Coach Powernaut. She is assistant coach in Power School now!
  • Otto Storch, Zorch, accepts his power, and tries to use it responsibly. He works with the Power City electrical company, to quickly identify any power outages.
  • The Invisible Toledo Torpedo works in the "Free Resource" section of the city, operating a café!
  • Capture is now floor manager in a casino, on the "Shops" level. He's also trusted with some Power City resources.
  • Pizza Fu! (statement from his mentor Doctor Grace Fu) My protégé Pizza Fu has become young alongside me, and matured alongside me. He embraces his role as a trainer to both old species and new. He is an employee of the Power City Peace Officers, to train both canine officers and therapy animals. He also consults with me on some of my projects with new species. I credit him with the training of Power City's new steamboat pilot. But he still loves treats.
  • The Vampire Jane enjoys being part of the history of vampires at Power School! The Vampire Rose got here before me. She went back to the vampire world, well adjusted to humankind. My father Leo the Pirate Vampire King wanted me to follow where she led. I've graduated, and I'm now on staff to help adjust other vampires to human society!
  • I, Hipolyta, am daughter to the legendary Zenobia. I have well and truly graduated from our beloved Power School. Now I carry on for my mother, in mobilizing females for power in our city and throughout the world.

As for the architecture... When Power City was founded, it went for a classic look, full of iconic skyscrapers. Those can actually be designed as arcologies, which bring humanity together to receive essential services with much less impact than sprawling suburban architecture. Some suburbs exist up the cliff from us... but I have convinced Powernauts to not live there. We live in and around the Power School grounds, for public safety and for communion with the students.

As for the technology...

  • Cracking carbon dioxide for energy may sound outlandish. But Ellipsis technology entered open source many years ago, and it's part of our world now. It is based upon the total conversion of matter to energy. Here in Power City, we restrict that to converting excess carbon from the atmosphere into energy. That is more than sufficient to meet our energy needs.
  • Hydroelectric power is a secondary source for us now. We're discussing demolition of the Power City dam, so as not to impede the salmon migrations... but we find, a well-crafted fish ladder can get around that obstacle. Besides, there's quite a demand for river navigation which the dam (and its locks) makes possible.
  • We are still exploring the full power that can be drawn from the Earth's magnetic field. But in the past, that has been enough to propel a small interstellar spacecraft to Earth orbit. I was part of its crew in 2014.
  • Windmills are often mentioned as an alternative energy source. We admit the possibility, but we also admit that restricting the winds along our Columbia Gorge might have ecological impacts. Windsurfers might also miss the high winds.

People are offering incredible designs for the use of Power City's carbon fiber technology. I've even seen a proposal for building a mountain-sized dehumidifying tower in Florida to ward off hurricanes. Personally, I feel that would be an incredibly bad idea. But I was around in 1968, when humanity couldn't agree on anything. It's nice to know that humanity can now put out the big ideas, and still reasonably decide about them.

I can't comment as an expert on the bio-technology, but I've seen the benefits. It's not just Pizza Fu or Willie the Steamboat Pilot; there're low-level adaptations for animals to meet Earth's changing climate as we approach a planetary population of five billion humans.

Overall, I can say that technology is our friend in Power City. Welcome, visitors!

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To Be Continued!

Author's Notes:

Who knows what next?

(signed) Scott Eiler, 9 March 2023.

... Well, this is what! My world got the choice between big 1990s plot and something else... and here we are past the 1990s! When Mickey Mouse entered the public domain, I found him strangely compelling as a creature of this future age! Meanwhile, I played "Omniverse the Card Game" and came up with a suitable Powernaut adventure as a backdrop! The first set of new characters have been well received... People at least understand the Strange Visitors, and some of us identify with them!

Powernaut Comics has been redesigned for this series, to produce modular strips! When I publish one strip to Facebook, readers will not be able to click through to it without seeing more strips (provided those exist). And I can tease people with (for instance) one strip of the Strange Visitors. Overall renditions depend on one's browser, but nothing I've seen is unpleasant thus far.

(to be continued as of 8 February 2024)

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Powernaut 2024: 1 2 3.

Steamboat Willie / Mickey Mouse are of course public domain as of this wonderful year 2024. The story, artwork, and all other characters in this fiction are copyright © 2024 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.