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My Family in Comic Books

It's probably worth saying something about myself and my relatives in this fiction... which may or may not differ from my relatives in real life. But first, there's...

  • Me, Wyatt Patrick Ferguson. I am part British, part German, part Irish, and one sixteenth Mashantucket Pequot Indian. Yeah, the kind of Indian that owns casinos. 1/16th share of my ancestry is enough for them to consider me part of their tribe. (Boy, they must be desperate for recruits.) And they spread the wealth, as far as me. I'm relatively well off, enough so that I can spend time writing when I should be looking for contracting jobs.

  • My big brother, Calvin Luthor Ferguson. Among my ancestors, the eldest son is always named Calvin. Don't ask me why, but there's another bloodline that did this too, including U.S. President Calvin Coolidge. In my bloodline, my brother got the privilege, and all the attention that goes with it. And he never stops reminding me.

  • My little sister, Lauren Katherine Ferguson. When I was young, a man was ranting about Indians in a Texas courtroom. So my sister insisted on going down to the local jail and having herself arrested, if being part Indian was all that bad. That's my sister: impractical, but morally superior to the end.

  • My mom, Elizabeth Barbara Ferguson. She's dead now. But she still keeps coming back to bedevil me. Death tends not to be a Final Barrier around me; it's more like an air conditioner that can't quite filter out those outside smells.

  • My dad, Calvin Merle Ferguson. He's presumed dead. But he rose out of the coffin after he died. He says that males of his bloodline can enter into a healing coma after their first mortal injury. But not their second. I hope he's finally given up cigarettes.

  • My grandpa, Calvin Fremont Ferguson. He's still alive, and out there somewhere. In fact, his birth certificate says he's been alive since before the American Civil War. I don't really believe it... but the Mashantucket Pequot Indians do.
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