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The Adventures of Me 2004

Big Business

A few months ago, I inexplicably found myself at the head of a small business, which I proudly call the FERG (currently signifying Freedom Engineering Research Group). Now I have to make it work - even when people outside the company have demands on my time.

Calling Out the Guards. The United Nations is mobilizing its reservists to deal with increasing world crises. And the reserves would actually include me... sort of.

Quadrangle. I suppose I should have known at the time, this story would eventually shake the universe to its roots.

You see, my ladyfriend is leaving my business to go work for the world's most powerful superhuman - the same one who sparks a lot of those crises the UN is worried about. And it's not that I hold a grudge, but now that same superhuman's wife is leaving his business to come work for me! Oh, shit, he probably does hold a grudge.

So yes, I now employ the Julie Wolcott. And it's definitely a culture shock. Kind of like bringing Lois Lane on the payroll, fully knowing she's Superman's wife, and never knowing if Superman is watching.

So yeah, things could be strange for the next six months. (26 July, 1 August 2004)

Twice before this, in support of Plan Joab and the Silly Days Parades, I've actually travelled the world as part of a Master Plan. And I think I might have actually changed the world. That is to say, there was a movement within the United States to declare the terrorist strike a national holiday (really!), but the Silly Days now happen that same time of year and are getting more publicity. That may be decreasing North American paranoia right there.

Then, I had mind-controlling microtechnology (no, not nanotechnology, it was the size of blood cells because it was blood cells) within my body. Now, I just have a PR specialist who nags me into it. Can I still help change the world again? My guess is, Julie Wolcott thinks so, or else she wouldn't be here.

(To complicate things, there's the Totally Dippy White Rabbit, or Dippy for short. He's a chaos being in cartoon form (that is to say, a Toon), and he manifested in May to help me dodge crockery. Now, he's kind of attached to the FERG. We have to idiot-proof our code extra hard now that he's around.) (12 August 2004)

Anyway, I'm doing a lot of travel now, even more than usual.

Yamashita's Gold. Yes, I'm supposed to be changing the world, but I've been diverted - and then I diverted myself again. I've been sent to the Philippines! I considered calling this story "Indiana Ferg and the Gold of Yamashita", because I'm on a hunt for legendary treasure. You see...

The Japanese moved a lot of plunder through their Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere during World War II. And due to naval hostilities at the time, some of it got stuck in the Philippines. The Japanese General Yamashita is supposed to have buried it there, in between dodging the American counter-invaders. An Internet company is actually hunting this gold.

I'm hunting the gold now. Julie Wolcott knows I can hunt things, because I hunted her once.

This story involves:

I did snag the damsel - and one old document, because I needed some proof I was there. But then I had to escape.

Afterward, we regrouped at an Indian hostel in Lingayen. I guess technically the rooms have private baths, but they're all in the same chamber.

Bossy Ms. Wolcott wanted more. For one thing, she thinks I should have copyrighted the concept of death's-head ice cream cakes, before revealing it to Baskin-Robbins. But still, as adventures go, I'll take it. (19, 20, 21, 24, 27 August 2004)

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