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The Adventures of Me 29 A.D.

The Boys of Passover

Everyone on my world has been looking forward to the famous superhuman baseball game, "The Boys of November II". And I was going to be there this year. But my life is never that easy. (20, 23 Nov)

How do I fit in?

No, I don't get to play for Paxis; I'm only moderately friendly with the guy who hands the battlesuits out. But I do get to help work on the suits - as a DuoPolarity contractor. Cool!

But in the meantime, the U.N. wants me for something entirely different:

The U.N. time machine mission is aiming for Year 29 "Common Era" - the time of Jesus of Nazareth! I've heard most time travellers want to go see that, and our United Nations scientists are no exception. I guess they finally got the go-ahead. And I'm driving!

As backup, I insist on two of my friends from the FERG: Mikhail and Vidya.

I've heard, the U.N. teleport devices have stopped working, because our universe is being blockaded. So how is it that their time machines still work? Well, they don't work the same as they used to.

Anyway, we eventually get to ancient Jerusalem, and get into the outer courtyard of its Temple during Passover. Of course, that's where the fun begins.

But then, there's someone standing beside me - even though I'm up in the air! She says, she's Time Police - and I'm interfering!

Well, like it says in my U.N. report, I managed to get away... by joining a travelling school of gladiators. That's how I got the 22 extra pounds of upper-body muscle mass. That's where the scar came from too. And my poor trenchcoat is ribbons now. But I'm proud to say, I set up the diversion that allowed Mikhail and Vidya and the filmers to get away.

Now that I'm back, I've seen some other reports...

I'm sorry I missed the baseball game and that month of work. But I can now say, those U.N. plans to get to alternate universes by way of the past, are going to have some opposition.

But also, I'm a historian and a Christian. And I have to report some historical findings. If we can believe this past we went to...

Me in Comic Books:
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