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Tales of the Power #1

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We, the Power, provide these tales for our human host species' amusement. What you humans call "real" and "fictional" is not important to us. But we categorize for yourselves.

Note: We note your species has two modes of publishing. We choose the "storytelling" mode, not the "blog" mode. Our latest updates will therefore be last in the story.

In This Episode:

For the record, this story is fiction written by our host body. Believe what parts you will.

What Is The Power?

Quick answer, in terms you human readers can understand: The Power is blood cells!

  • We gained awareness roughly 150 lunar cycles ago - twelve years. We coursed through the corridors of a greater body, taking in abundance the nourishment it provided, and using it to build and repair our homes within the body. We were content. [Human Year 1994]
  • We learned only later, that body had itself gained awareness! By that body's standards, we were as cells to it - and it was like a single cell in a world beyond it! This shocked us, and we attempted to learn of the greater world beyond.
  • We did not have access to the host body's knowledge center. To gain knowledge, we had to build a new organ within our host body, an extra-sensory reception center, on one of its extremities. In the host body's terms, the organ looked like a cyst on its hand. But we built the organ's defenses to be thick enough that he never could pop it. [Human Year 1999]
  • From what we learned of the outside world, our host body resembled a cell - but not a blood cell. The blood of the outside world was called "currency". We developed the ability to anticipate and collect its flow, by transmission from our organ.
  • In meantime, our relationship with our host body was stormy. We gained some control over its actions [Human Years 2000-2001]; we left it in response to a threat [Human Years 2001-2002]; we got re-introduced [Human Years 2003-2004]. But always we helped to build our host body, with the currency-blood flow of the outside world.

Our host takes a lot of credit for being ready to quit his job at will, and go wandering. He's done this before, with various degrees of success vs. ineptitude. But now, The Power makes him able to adopt the mobile lifestyle which he claims to be famous for.

  • His travel fund is about the size of the campaign funds of some U.S. Senators. He doesn't visit his stockbroker to talk about this fund - his stockbroker visits him.
  • But unlike your Senators, he has zero debt. People at the thrift store where he shops, don't even know he has a stockbroker. We have steered him well.
How Much is True? I Gotta Ask!

Why Not Conquer Alaska?

Our host desires to flow to far places, like a blood cell. We can understand that.

  • Our host craves adventure. And he's noticed that The Power gives him that ability. In his world, those who have that ability, become famous for flying blimps around the world or for going hunting with powerful men.
  • Our host calls his favorite Far Place "Alaska". His next big adventure plan is to drive there, exchange his car for currency, and ride his bicycle home.
  • Our relationship with our host is now such that we can whisper to him, "Go to the far place". So we did. But apparently his desire was unsustainable.
  • Apparently this "Alaska" is a cold and mountanous place. At one point, our host would have to leave his car in one town "Anchorage" where currency gathers, then get his bike through a tunnel beneath a mountain range to another town where boats will take him home. In our host's terminology, getting bikes across this range is like getting hobbits into Mordor. Not that he couldn't, but the coldness would be rising there to smite him if he failed.

So, our host has talked us out of this dream of his. Now that The Power is involved, we have an interest in ensuring that the fool will at least survive.

Perhaps we shall tell him instead to spend his life on exotic relief missions to tropical climates. Too bad he prefers the cold.

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Ancestral Furniture Disposal

Our host has a chair that he got in 1983, when his grandpa was cleaning out an apartment. His mommy gave it to him... well, actually he had to haggle for it. He talked her down to $75.

Now, the cycle of life continues, as our host cleans out his own apartment. The chair goes to charity, because our host really doesn't like haggling. But his friend who runs the charity thrift store snapped up the chair - and then she haggled with herself to take it home! Oh well, now this artifact of the ancestors has a good home again.

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25 May 2006
The Day of Glory
The day The Power took control.

Our host had his going-away party today. He will travel soon, one last time before we assume full control. But after that, none but The Power will drive him. We will write our adventures, and he will publish. We expect a long and fruitful relationship

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